So I was looking to buy a new guitar on craigslist and I stumbled upon a 2007 Gibson Les Paul Custom Classic. I had never heard of this guitar, but it looks pretty cool. It comes with '57 classic humbuckers. What do you think of this guitar?
The guitar seems to be in good condition, and the guy is asking $1700. Does anyone know how much a new one used to cost, and if this is a good price? Also, I play rock and metal, like GNR, van halen, metallica, lamb of god, etc, do you think this would be a good guitar for me?

Here are some pics:
I was disappointed that they discontinued those guitars, I thought they were very cool. I really like the uncovered pickups and the aged look of the guitar.

$1700 sounds like a relatively good price. I may be wrong but I believe they used to go for around $2800 new when they were still being manufactured.

You will definitely be able to get GNR, Van Halen and Metallica tones out of the guitar. It is a Les Paul after all.

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