This is my second song within the week (i think?), The Devil.
This one was actually recorded long before Hangman.

The song can be listened to here

Anyways, this is more of a melodic effort from me, very 'Sevendust-esque' if anyone here listens to them. The song includes clean verses, a melancholy chorus, a heavy break, and some leads towards the end. This song is not as technical as "Hangman" but is a bit more so than "Beast Wars" and "Hellmira". The songs lyrics touch up on the abusive relationships topics - unfortunately there are no vocals in this song (yet, anyways), but i figured perhaps that imagery would help give the feel to the song. Pretty much the only problems pre-determined with this one is the bad home producing :p, and the clean strumming in certain spots. I should probably mention also that the song is in standard format (verse, chorus [x2] break, chorus).

I will c4c if requested.

Check, and enjoy (or not)

Also see the thread for my previous song "Hangman" right here. It only got like 4 comments, so it needs more :x And i will still c4c for that one as well.
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youve created a very interesting mood with this one, only real problem is the drums, at first i thought the guitar tone was too messy, but i think the drums and cymbals crashing and hissing are the real issue. the playing is good, and overall its an unusual and original sound, but clean up the drums to make it even better.
Yea, i know what your talking about - For this and a few other songs of mine i used a mastering preset on Adobe Audition to make the drums louder, especially in the bass region. However its kind of a double sided sword as it makes the trebles too loud as well.
Thanks for the crits guys, keep em comin?
Yes you really need to balance out the volume of the instruments there between each other. I mean right at the start the highest pitches of the bass kinds of...i don't know the word for it...(clips?) max volume, and it's like a droning sound... Another master would do it, have you got each of the instruments isolated?


Sorry also i'd say I do quite enjoy the song, it's got a lot of variety and it does some interesting things....indeed what you were saying about 'mellow' in some parts. I like it
As a matter of fact ive noticed what you mean with the bass when i play it through big speakers - Ill take care of that when i do the vocals. Thanks for the crit, i left you a comment on your new song.