The drummer in my band just started playing drums three months ago (He is very good though) and he is very insecure about his drumming. This makes it difficult to give him constructive criticism and suggestions, he'll get offended when I say things like, "Try to play quieter here." or "Try hitting the ride instead of the high-hat at this part."
Is there any way to deal with this or should I just wait until he gets more comfortable with his drumming?
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Have you told him that you dont mean any offence? If not just wait untill he gets more comfortable.
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That's weird, try to explain what you really think and that it's no a critique?

Or you can do a demo of the whole song on guitar pro and show it to him
I uselly do that for my songs before showing it to my drummer.

or tell him to suck it up and stop being such a pus$y... you want your songs to sound good and your just trying to make suggestions but thats what i would do lol *and i wonder why i can't keep a drummer* lol
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I don't really know what to suggest here besides have a proper chat with him, explain to him that you're not criticising his drumming skills, just that certain parts of songs need to be played differently depending on mood/tempo etc.

It's probably easier for me to deal with drummers because I'm a decent drummer myself, so I can demonstrate things, but I'm assuming you don't play drums.

One thing I would say is to pick your battles, don't stop him every 5 seconds and tell him to change things. Some things he may be doing to put his own little twist on the song, so only ask him to change significant parts that actually affect the song, because to be honest, if I was being told constantly that I'm playing parts wrong (Those might not be your words but that's how he'll feel, especially if he's never been in a band before) then I would be insecure about my drumming as well.

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or tell him to suck it up and stop being such a pus$y

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Give the guy a break! If he's only been playing 3 months, then he's not "very good". Be happy if he can keep the beat, and give him some time. He'll improve and will play better without anyone telling him how.
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Have you told him that you dont mean any offence?

I'm often told, f you say you mean no offence, you're offending them
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Just say 'whatever is said in rehearsal is purely for the good of the music nothing personal'

also dont say ' do this' say 'can you try this and see if it works'

ive been in bands where it was literally say anything ive also been in bands where people were scared to say anything at all and the music suffers. one time the band i was in were so upfront saying we want your drum sound less loud and ringy this and i disagreed, so the bassist came in and put tape on my drums cheeky ****.
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