Does anyone have any advice for killing noise from unused strings during tapping licks? I've been have lots of trouble with this lately.
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like with arpeggios good fret board technique comes into play like using fingers your not tapping with to mute and using your right hand palm like the other guy said and also just try not to touch any other strings when tapping if you ever seen paul gilberts lesson on muting techniques it really shows you how muting seems like a easy pick up over night thing but it aint it takes a long time to develop good technique in this area so just practice tapping more cleanly what helped me was makin sure my thumb was centered on the back of the neck so my fingers could reach farther and easier so that i didnt have to stretch and hit other strings accidentally its really all in just practicing, or you could go the more expensive way and get a high quality noise suppressor but the latter seems like a better choice to me lol
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try resting the palm of your right hand against the strings your not using to mute them.


Don't forget about muting with your left hand too. Mute the nearest strings with your fingers.
I actually tried muting with my right hand, but it's hard to do if I have to focus on tapping.
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I actually tried muting with my right hand, but it's hard to do if I have to focus on tapping.

You can float your hand over the neck (to mute the strings) much easier if you anchor your thumb on the side of the neck. Also, pay attention to your fret hand muting. Analyze each lick you are practicing, look for ways to clean up your fretting hand, and then practice doing so VERY slowly until you can play it in your sleep. Then speed her up.