Hey UG! So I've now been playing guitar for about 2 years, pretty much 1 year with just an acoustic and then an electric for the 2nd year (although I still do exercises w/ the acoustic and play around on it and stuff as well). My electric is some low end Ibanez, like a GAX G10 or something I don't even know. I play a lot of different kinds of rock and metal, but I'm really open to lots of music. Favorites are stuff like Iron Maiden, Tool, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, etc.

So I think that's all the necessary background info, here are some questions I have.

Am I rushing into things by looking to get a new guitar now? Are there any guitars that come to mind that you think may suit me? Do you have any tips for buying a guitar? Should I try to get it online when I figure out what I want to go to guitar center?

As for the specific guitar, not totally sure yet. For a while I thought I was gonna be a Les Paul guy, but I've definitely gotten used to the strat recently and find them very comfortable.

I don't know..... what do you all think?

Thanks in advance!
Maybe a MIM HSS strat. Just go to a store and mess around with some guitars just to get an idea of what kind of neck, pickup, etc. you like.
Make sure you try before you buy, dont buy one from the internet without either trying that or a similar model

Oh and try a number of guitars out, you might regret not trying more guitars out before you bought one
i think u should get a new guitar, now.
im not sayin that ur guitar is bad cos i dont like ibanez and what i like may not be waat u like

as for the guitar specifically, iron maiden use strats, but jimmy page uses a les paul
and metallica use ESP

in the end it comes down to what u like, if u like metal i suggest a guitar with a floyd rose and 24 frets, maybe something like a BC Rich or an ESP
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what's you budget?
what is your current amp?
if you've got a good budget look at a gibson sg standard, if not look at an epiphone sg g-400.
if you afford the gibson ensure you have a good amp and if you get the epiphone ensure you have a decent amp.
firstly what amp are you using? That may be the first thing ud want to look at buying to improve your sound. Second if u want to by a new guitar u should hav a look at some u like try them out and c what best suites u and jus because the strat shapes feel comfortable ure not limited to those for example an sg gets close to lp sound and is a great guitar and has a thinner body like and a double cut like a strat.

Also if u like those shapes wot about trying a fender? Hope this helps
wow thanks for all the replies so far!

First of all, what is "MIM"?

My current amp is a Peavey Vypyr 15. I do realize that the amp affects the sound more than the guitar does but I'm really going for feel and looks with a new guitar I think.

I went to guitar center again this evening and played some more; it's frustrating because I pretty much like every guitar I play. A few times I found something a bit uncomfortable or maybe annoying about a guitar but after a few minutes I was totally used to it. For example, I tried out a Schecter Hellraiser and the 24 fret neck felt way to huge and heavy but I totally got used to it after like a minute.

Also I'm thinking my budget should be around... 300-900... I dunno, I'll spend the money if it's something I really really want. But also I feel like I'm not experienced enough to be comfortable dropping 1k on a new guitar...
Don't go too cheap. Cheap will only keep you interested for a couple months and then you'll wish you got what you wanted. Don't impulse buy either. Try a lot of guitars. Read reviews and do some research.
test out alot of guitars, of all models. the v, xplorer, sg, les paul, and strats are the main categories. once you decide what feel you like, test all the availible options in that area. TAKE YOUR TIME. dont rush into buying a guitar, you might regret that particular choice later.

And remember, you can always swap out the pups later as well
The peavey vypyr is a very good amp! I have a 15 watt one myself. It allowed me to buy a mid-upper range ibby which is very good on that amp and any other one I plug it in to. The guitar I have always been using on my peavey is my RG4EXFM1, I recently bought an Ibanez 7321 for it and it sounds alright. Tips on buying a guitar: Try to try as many as you can, From what i see another Ibanez May be good for the type of music you like to play. Try to read as many reviews as you can, try to find 3 guitars that may interest you and compare them with reviews and ask around. My first guitar was a fender starcaster and I had gotten used to that shape. That allowed me to move on to Ibanez (which has a very similar shape.
Oh and a tip, The stock pickups on the mid-range RGs will likely be the best pups you could get for the genres you want to play based on your current amp. It will allow you to play almost everything.
MIM = Made in Mexico, MIA= Made in America, MIJ = Made in Japan etc.
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MIM = Made in Mexico, MIA= Made in America, MIJ = Made in Japan etc.

O ok cool, are any of those generally better than any others?
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O ok cool, are any of those generally better than any others?

the japanese are very well built so are the americans and the mexicans are not that bad
start with the basics. like single coil or humbucker (learn what these are if u dont know) then work from there, trying out difffernt guitars most shops will help u if u like