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Alright guys, here's whats going down. I want some outside input on a build, so you guys can design any guitar or bass you want. The winner will have their design built, and some other incentives as well.

1.Deadline is
2.Your design must consist of this:
a) specs. Highly detailed specs. I need to know everything and anything about this guitar. Specific hardware, woods, placements, pickups, etc.
b) a mockup would be much appreciated , and will increase your chances of winning. might be helpful to anyone using a standard shape.
3. NO LIMITS. Crazy wiring? Tons of led's? Massive inlay's? Wild paint jobs? Go for it, sky's the limit. I have no problem with any of this.
4.Multiple entries are allowed. No limit.
5.Post your entries here.
6.NO SPAM. If it's not a entry, It's not allowed. Questions? PM me, if its a good question, ill add something about it here. This thread will be monitored by a mod, and has mod approval. Don't be stupid.
7. You must have been a member of UG for at least 1 month to enter. This way people won't join the site just to enter this contest.

In case you were wondering, this is the list of woods i have to use,or if you need some motivation, w.e. I can get other woods ordered as well, so don't fret if what you want isn't on there:
(my local lumber place)

Good luck to all!

Rules will be added/changed as needed
People Competing:

Jason Jillard
Comrade Curry
the humanity
carmen barlow
Kear Bear
Sonic Blast
Baby Joel
artie fisk
WTF!!is a TAB
Chaos Nil
Sir Anonymous


NOTE: You may post a blank post to reserve your spot, and so i can create a running list of people who are competing.

Side note:
Now, before anyone ask, why am i doing this? No, It's not a creativity thing, i have no trouble coming up with my builds. However, each builder has his "thing", ie, the thing that all builds have in common. I want to do something completely different then what i normally do, and as such, i decided to come to a outside source. Plus, i've seen several nice designs on here, and i know what you guys are capable of. It's merely for fun, gives me a nice little project to do, and it allows some nice community competition of sorts.

For all of you asking about my custom headstock, here it is:
Just call me Bobby
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okay, ive been debating whether i should post yet and risk letting people try to one up my design. so, ive decided that i'll post little bits of the design in increments, but save the pics and more important/secret details till the deadline.

neck through, 24.75 scale six-string, 3 piece flame maple/mahogany/flame maple, FM fretboard, 1 1/16" width graphite nut, 12" radius, stainless steel medium frets, 24 fret, abalone inlays

custom designed body, sapele wings, 3A quilt maple top ON WINGS ONLY 1/4" thick (body is 1 1/2" thick)

HH, TDM (phil) SHO bridge, heavy vintage neck, zebra bobbins

bobby's headstock (looks better than the one i designed ), 10 degree angle, gotoh locking tuners-chrome

chrome wilkenson trem

blue dye on top, clear back and sides, blue dye on front of headstock, clear matte back of neck and fretboard

strung up with 10s

2 vol, 2 tone, wired so the volumes are independant when both pickups are on, each pot push-pull--series/parallel for each pickup, master phase switch, master coil split, maple cavity covers, black speed knobs

the design of the guitar. note that it is drawn to scale based on a 24 3/4 inch scale length, and the width of the neck and size of the headstock are NOT to scale. also, bobby's headstock is to be used, not the one i have drawn

inlays. top is standard inlay, bottom is for 12th fret. anything white=fretboard wood, anything black=abalone.

biting the bullet, posting full specs. pics later today, as well as adding anything i forgot
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Quote by metalwarrior40
The winner will have their design built, and some other incentives as well.
After I win, how long will it be before you send me the free guitar I've won?

(reserved for cool wiring ideas)

Bobby, it has been so deemed that thou shalt construct a Hum-Sing.
Thou may choose a P-90, Phat Cat, or Strat style single for the Neck pickup.
Thou shalt use a 4-pole, 5-throw Superswitch.
Wiring diagram is below, including a display of pickups selected.
The Neck single alone is of course, not hum-canceling.
The other 4 selections will have reduced hum, or full hum-canceling
The other 4 selections also have series/parallel option by use of a push-pull
One selection (Neck + Bridge South) is out of phase.
This is likely to be the most versatile HS design you will ever see.

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hehehee nice. i may find time to do this seeing how i have no school

possible big pic?

ok.. things i forgot to add to this:

compound radius 9.5-12
regular jumbo frets
black dome knobs
standard profile neck
24.75 scale
24 Frets

if theres anythign i have forgotten, or any questions. let me know.
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6 string telecaster shaped guitar.

Rockmonkey Charlie Christian neck, Rockmonkey Roadhouse Gold P-90 bridge, wired Volume Volume Tone Tone, each pup separately wired with it's own on/off switch.

padouk body, flame maple top,heavy black base stain sanded down until flames are 'zebrad', yellow stain over that, black solid on sides, cream binding, clear coat on back with black cavity covers.

5 piece bolt on korina wenge korina wenge korina (as dark as possible on the wenge, as yellow as possible on the korina), 22 fret ebony fretboard,koa/abalone 'stinger' at 12th fret (drawn up later), 25.5" scale, 6 to a side headstock

black hardware (unless specified), Gotoh locking tuners, graphite nut, gold Hipshot fixed bridge, Large Fender jazz knobs for all knobs. Dunlop strap Locks.

more to be added later.
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design #1

double cut telecaster shape
wenge/paduak/wenge/paduak/wenge neckthru
gabon ebony fingerboard w/ diagonal line inlaid at 12th fret in paduak
22 frets
25.5 scale
wenge veneer on headstock
chambered paduak body and wenge top, with the neckthru only visible at the back
chrome hardware
f-hole on bass side
your custom hs with a scarf joint
locking tuners
graphtec nut
Fishman ast powerbridge piezo pickup-
SD little '59 at the bridge
SD custom soapbar sp90-3 at the neck-
1 vol, 1 tone, push pull for bridge split
preamp boost for piezo
mini toggles for pickups and piezo on/off
tung oil finish on neck and body

design #2
largely bassed on the schecter c-7

7 string superstrat
27" scale length
chambered swamp ash body carved top
5 piece set neck
scarf joint and volute
basswood/7mm ebony/basswood/7mm ebony/basswood
satin finish on neck
carbon fibre rods in neck for reinforcement
birdseye maple fretboard, bound in black
jumbo frets
pau abalone offset dots
your custom headstock, but longer on the treble side to fit an extra tuner
headstock painted white with black binding
emg 60/81
1 vol, 1 tone, 3 way toggle
schaller floyd rose
gotoh tuners
all black hardware
body painted white, glossy poly finish, black binding on the body

design #3

rg shape
bolt on maple neck and rosewood fretboard
6 inline ibanez style headstock
thin neck
african mahogany body
chevy orange paintjob, nitro lacquer
gloss/satin finish
bright green p/g
pink/black dimarzio evo 2 bridge pickup
push/pull split
orange strat style knob to match paint
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PRS custom 24 body with a head similar to metalheads builds (if thats ok, just using that as a reference coz the prs one is to small imo)
neck through flamed maple neck (or just normal maple) with a flamed maple skunk stripe stained to match the finish of the body
chambered mahogony body (natural finish on sides and back, flamed maple cavity covers srtained to match body
flamed maple top (stained purple or green) carved like prs's
dual humbuckers with jimmy page mod
ebony fretboard with flamed maple prs bird inlays (also stained to match the finish)
24 jumbo frets
gold hardware with prs style tremolo.
bird also inlayed on headstock

i think i went a bit prs crazy, but there it is
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Totally in. Been looking for an excuse to plan an epic build.

Here we are:

Neckthrough Gibson RD shape w/ 3-a-side tuners, H-S-P90 pickup scheme.

25" scale, with a 9.5 degree radius

3-piece laminate Padauk/Koa/Padauk neck (tung oiled, of course) with Koa wings. Medium fretwire, with abalone/pearl Wave pattern going up the fretboard.

Steinberger Gearless Tuners,
Fishman VS-50P Piezo tremolo.
Dimarzio LiquiFire in Bridge
Dimarzio Red Velvet in the middle
Dimarzio Soapbar in the neck

1V/1T/1Hi-Pass, coiltap on the humbucker (in the tone pot, if possible)
6-position Rotary switch (HB/HB-SC/SC/SC-P90/P90/HB-P90) and a mini-toggle on/off for the piezo (preferably true bypassing, so that, when the switch is active, only the piezo is running.

Natural satin finish

Pic of an RD:

Sorry about the size, it was the smallest good pic I could find
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Rough ish of the body. It's close, but the contours aren't as smooth as I would like. Nothing a sander can't fix if it's produced.

That's the roundover with the creme. I couldn't get the CAD software to take care of the roundover with creme and the neck-thru striping. So here's the neck-thru striping.

I have attached what it would look like on a body blank, and then dimensions as best I could on the body blank.



Neck Specs:

Padauk - Cocobolo - Mahogany - Cocobolo - Padauk 5-piece Neck-thru
Ebony Fretboard
Offset Small Abalone Block inlays
Compound 10 - 16" radius
Jumbo Fretwire
Graphtech TUSQ Nut
Grover Locking Tuners
Black Painted Headstock with Creme painted roundover
2-way Truss Rod
Thin U profile

25.5" scale
24 Frets on the low E side, 26 on the high e.

Body and Electronic Specs:

Padauk Wings
Painted black with Creme painted roundover.
Neck-Thru area not painted, but is clearcoated and visible.
PRS-Style carve on the high-e horn.
Semi-Hollow, Custom F-Hole design which I am currently working on.

String Thru TOM
H-S-H, neck humbucker slanted to go with the slant of the fretboard.
On/Off switch for the SC
3-way selector for the 2 Buckers
--> 2-way switch to switch between a blender pot for the two buckers and the 3-way.
Push Button Killswitch
1 Tone 1 Volume
All-Chrome hardware.

Pickups - SD Jazz Neck open coil, SD Invader Bridge, SD Hot For Strat Middle Pup (is there any way you could either Creme-ify or Black-ify it?)

Black speed knobs.
Guitar Body Design No Dimensions.pdf
Guitar Body Design.pdf
build 1, finished 1/15/11

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I'll have to do a little research as far as specifics, but here's the basics for my first entry:
-Lightbulb body shape (With the little thing inside the lightbulb painted on, not sure what it's called)
-Glow in the dark paint, but looks white when the lights are on
+paint goes on body and up the neck and headstock
-LED lights around the pickups
-One of those lights like the ground effects packages of cars illuminating the output jack
-A killswitch made out of a lightswitch
-A headstock like a telecaster
-I guess it's made out of maple

Things to add: inlays, pickups, tone/volume pots, output jack, strap, strings

Design 2:
An X with edges that go in and out (hard to explain, will try to make a picture). Then a button that makes it all light up (Just posting so I remember, I'll add more later).

So if I have two entries should I make 2 posts, or all in 1? edit: Thought so, thanks Jim.
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*reserved* this shall be so epic.

approximately this shape:

With beveling on the sides.
It shall be a Baritone. 27" Scale
12th fret and up light scalloping
12" Radius
ESP/BC Rich Neck Profile
Perhaps a 7 string...
13* angled headstock
Dimarzios (models TBD) HH if 24 fret
-Liquifire Neck/Super Distortion Bridge
-TDM SHO in bridge Hot Vintage in Neck
Onboard Chorus FX
Piezo (not built into bridge)
Black Knurled Knobs with Red Top inlay
Black Pointer Knobs on Rotaries
Black 3 Way
Headstock shape coming soon (maybe your custom headstock)
Black headstock
Red Sperzel Locking Tuners
Black OFR or Black Kahler 7300 with Trick Arm if 6 string
Black OFR 7 or Black Kahler 7327 with Trick Arm if 7 string
24 or 27 frets, non slanted
Ebony Fretboard
Stainless Steel Frets
Red Diamond inlays/Roman Numeral Inlays on frets 12 and 24
Like this:

Red side dots
Neck through Red Stained Flame Maple/Ebony/Red Stained Flame Maple/Ebony/Red Stained Flame Maple
Flame maple top
Ribbon Mahogany (or African Mahogany like in Kiwi's build) Body 1.5" thick
Maple top ends where bevels start (if that makes sense)
Mahogany cavity covers
Trans Black/Red Burst. Like this
And a real quick PNG of the shape:

Alternative finishes: all red replaced with a blue akin to this
Blue Mockup

Now the Red one gets all compressed when I upload it, so imagine pretty much the same thing as the blue, but in red:
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walnut Airline Body without the German Carves.
Metallic White / black hardware.
Hipshot hardtail Bridge
Black Grover Rotomatics
27" scale 7 string Maple neck
Rosewood Fretboard w/ MoP Block inlays
two Black Lipstick tube pickups.
Three way switch- One single coil, parallel singles, out of phase singles
1 master volume control

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*Reserved* I have to do some research on wiring though. Don't know anything about it..

Eh, It doesn't look that great since it is all hand drawn...

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ooh, let me get my notebook!

Mahogony body (honduras) - maple top (hard)
double cutaway style
mahogony (honduras) - rosewood (honduras) fretboard, 24 frets
them little machine heads that keep tune
pickups - dimarzio dp219 (for clean tone) neck
strat pickup mid
EMG ALX bridge (for distorted tone)
nobs - 2 vol, 2 tone, and ALX preamp switch (push/pull)
switch- strat 7-position
Tune-o-matic bridge, vibrato tailpiece
Strings- Ernie ball Skinny top, Heavy Bottom


This shape:

to be cont. saving my progress while i can
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Here's mine:

Flame maple top, ebony fretboard.
Black burst finish. Black hardware, keystone tuners, T.O.M.
Hot PAF style pups.

The wiring is a little crazy on this one.
1 volume, 1 tone. 3-way pickup switch, black toggle.

The other 2 controls would be 5-way rotary switches with 'tone' knobs. The actual knobs anyway, which are black speed knobs.
Each would control a pickup like this:

The volume would be a push pull to put the pickups in series/parallel.
The tone would be a push pull to put the pickups in/out of phase.

The jack would be an endpin jack like on some acoustics.
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I have a design I drew up that I wanted to build myself but haven't had the time or funds. I probably lack the skills anyway so maybe if I post it here it will acually come to life.
Body wings: African mahogany
Neck: Flamed maple(preferably quartersawn)
Fretboard: Birdseye maple, red coral lily inlay centered on 12th fret (probably taking up an adjacent fret on either side) lily pic>
Headstock: very simple, think PRS without the swoop at the end
Tuners: Black, 3+3, locking
Nut: graphite
Neck Profile: Fender C-shape, modern compound radius
Frets: 22, medium-jumbo stainless, 25.5" scale length
Pickups: Lollar Imperial HB-Bridge, Lollar vintage tweed middle and neck (I know pic shows 2 HBs) with black covers, rosewood ring for HB
Controls: One volume, one tone, 5 way switch, jack on side, rosewood knobs
Bridge: Black Wilkinson VS100
Finish: Raw oiled neck, clear satin body
Other stuff: rosewood cover for rear control cavity route, no trem cavity cover
I dont have any pics yet, but I'll get them up soon.
7 String
Walnut body with curly Koa top
5 piece bolt on Flamed Maple/Wenge/Birdseye Maple/Wenge/Flamed Maple
Thin U shape neck (Think Ibanez Wizard) with AANJ style heel
4+3 headstock with Koa veneer
24 fret Rosewood fretboard with offset abalone dots
Ibanez Edge 7/LoPro 7/OFR 7
1 Vol w/push-pull coil split, 1 Tone, 3 way
Dimarzio Crunchlab + Liquafire pickups, Direct mounted (No rings)
Oiled neck, satin poly on the body

Heres a rough photoshop.
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awesome idea!

The first plan is a regular 6 string guitar.

The second idea is a baritone guitar (bottom of paper). for inlays is to be straight across the fretboard. the "One Ring To Rule Them All" is to be inlaid into the wood. All inlays are in abalone.

I think almost all the needed specs are on the paper... (i'll add things if I think of anything else)

the guitars should be roughly 1 7/8 inches thick. but that's up to you cause you know what's best!

cliplocks on both guitars not just the baritone.
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I've been thinking of this really wacky thing, I'll post it once I get the finalized idea, and maybe a free CAD to help design it.

EDIT: Prepare yourself for the most ridiculous thing to happen to guitars EVER!!!
Alright, here we go.

24 stainless steel Jumbo thin frets
27" scale length
Cocobolo fretboard
No inlay (I would never ruin a good piece of cocobolo with inlays)
Deep set neck made of a three piece bubinga laminate with two carbon fiber rods (For the super extra stability) with the neck shape in the same shape as a Washburn neck, which is similar to ESP necks (Not too thin, but by no means thick either)
body wood is solid rosewood (Whichever species you think is best in terms of looks and tone).
6 Steinberger gearless tuners (Implying this is a six string)
Trem King TK-3 bridge
oiled finish
Gold hardware

Now for the crazy stuff...
FOUR full sized humbuckers. That's right. FOUR
In bridge, TDM SHO with ceramic magnets
In Middle, TDM Heavy Vintage
In neck, Fernandes Sustainer FSK 101 (The humbucker one obviously. )

Now what about that fourth humbucker you ask?
Now for the even CRAZIER stuff!!!!
The fourth humbucker will be mounted above the string in a neck position, directly above the Fernandes Sustainer. But how?!?!?!
The design of the body will be that of a Washburn Idol shape, but with an arch of wood over the Fernandes (If you didn't guess, this arch serves as the mounting of the fourth humbucker, which is, by the way, a TDM SHO with Alnico V's). This arch would also be made of rosewood, and would be bolted on through the back of the body (It won't be one piece with the body). The arch wouldn't be super high, just enough to get the pickup mounted at the right depth, and it wouldn't be too thick, just about 1.5" or so to allow for the depth of the humbucker.

Now for the wiring.
*note: when I say 'each pickup' I exlclude the Fernandes, as it isn't really a pickup, but more of a magnetic generator. If it is an actual pickup (Which I don't know, cause I've never used it and I'm not familiar with it), then give it just a volume pot.*
Each pickup will have an individual on/off mini toggle. Each pickup will have a volume and a tone pot. All pots will be 500K audio/log pots (They might need to be mini pots, to conserve space, and I have no preference if they are or not), and the tone pots will have a .27 cap. For each pickup, the tone pots will also be push/pull for series/parallel. For both the middle and the neck TDM, they will have an individual (One each) mini toggle for phase switching.
The pot 'hats' will be wenge dome. You can either make these yourself or get them from a supplier (Though I'm not sure who would make them). All switches will be black, and not gold. The pickups will be direct mounted with no rings (Unless your routing is crap, which it isn't/shouldn't And if there are rings, they should be wenge.) All pickups will have no covers, and be normal black/black bobbins.

Now for the pot/switch configuration.
The Fernandes switches will be the closest to the neck out of all the switches. They will be at the same position on the body (Horizontal wise) of the bridge pickup. Next in line further down towards the body will be the switches (not phase) for the pickups. These will run in a line parallel to the length of the pickups/bridge/horizontal in this order (From closest to middle of body to closest to the edge) TDM neck, middle, bridge.
Then the pots will come. Volume inwards to the body, tone outwards towards the edge. It will go in this order (From closest to neck, to furthest to neck) TDM neck, middle, bridge.
Then the phase switches. If you couldn't guess the pattern, these will be neck switch closer to the middle, and middle switch closer to the edge.

Also, now that I think of it, it might make more sense for the TDM neck to be mounted in the body, and the Fernandes in the arch of wood, but I'm not sure. I trust your judgment to make that choice.

That should be it, sorry if I missed anything (And if I did, let me know), and sorry that there wasn't a drawing. I could have skipped most that text if I had done a drawing. I will see though if I can get one and upload it before the deadline.

And I'm also aware that my design makes sweep tapping impossible, and it might make fluid transitions from picking to tapping hard, but I really don't care. I see this guitar as one of the most versatile (Tonal wise), and that's really all I wanted to achieve.

Oh, and I think the body and headstock size should be increased around 10-15% so as to stay proportional.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the body is arched, and the nut is a Graphtech TUSQ XL blank nut, filed so fit .011-.052 gauge strings. Or, if you don't want to do that, a Gibson style TUSQ XL will do.

The body (without the arch) will be 1.8" thick.
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Korina body in Jazzmaster shape. Daphne Blue, Lake Placid Blue, or Gibson Pelham Blue finish.
Routed for TOM w/roller saddles & Bigsby B-5 trem.
Tortoise pickguard.
One-piece maple set neck. Black binding and black block inlays (like late-60s Jaguars). "Boat neck" profile. Old-school, Fender 9.5 radius FB. Gibson style, 24.75" scale.
Stainless steel frets, medium-jumbo.
Six-string adaptation of old Fender XII "Hockey Stick" headstock. (also on other models...)
Two SD P-Rails (cream covers), installed with rails on the interior to facilitate the strat quack when both are on in rail mode...
Wiring as follows:
Traditional 3-position toggle to select PUs.
Two stacked vol/tone pots (500k).
Up where the "secondary circuit" is, two three-position mini-toggles to select humbucker, p-90, or rail for each PU.
Where on-off switch for secondary circuit would be, a series/parallel switch.
Sperzel or other brand locking tuners, graduated-style, with no string trees.
Side jack.

As I see it, rather than wacky, this would be the ULTIMATE merger of the Fender & Gibson aesthetics/sounds. With the p-rails, you could get strat-ish sounds, and the humbucking and p-90 modes cover gibson completely. gibson-style tail, with fender-style neck. Gibson wood in a Fender color. Fender-style neck, but attached like a Gibson neck, and with a Gibson scale length.

Set up for medium-low action with 11s (D'Addario XL chrome flatwounds).

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Custom V

- 7 Piece Maple & Wenge carved body

- Neck thru construction

- Tilted headstock

- Carved headstock

- 6 In-line locking tuners

- 24 XJ fret's with deep scalloped
(Deeper at low E and slightly shallower at High E)

- Gold TOM tail-piece *Looking for exact model.. forgot it*

- One high output Zebra humbucker

- One volume/ Tone knob
(dual action)

- Side markers on top of fret board
(Gold studs.. counter sunk)



Wiring diagrams
I'm not sure about this, but it'd just be one pick up going to the single pot (dual pot, so acting like two seperate pots, but in one.. magic!) then going from there to the out put.

EDIT: I can offer the .blend file, although not a CAD application, it does have everything to scale, listing all edges with length (I.e. Length of guitar from end to end is 43.200 (taken as inches).)
Black Knight CF-60F Semi-Acoustic.

Black Knight CP200 (Red flamed maple).

Neck-thru 4 string bass.

Acoustic 6 string.
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got a crazy idea for a bass going right now

EDIT: ok, first design:
4 string bass:
- 34" scale length
- ash Fender Precision Bass style body
- bolt on carbon fiber/graphite neck, headless/Steinberger style (like from Moses Graphite)
- Steinberger bridge
- 1 Bartolini MM4CBC pickup (musicman "sweet spot" placement)
- Front mounted input jack
- One volume knob (black), no tone
- Pickguard, either black, black pearloid, or carbon fiber
- Seafoam green finish

*I'll try and get a mock up or design posted soon

2nd one (a 5 string bass):
- 5 string, 35" scale length
- Body style: like an LP longhorn double cut
- 5 piece neck thru, birdseye maple with purpleheart laminates
- Chambered mahogany side wings
- Quilted or curly maple carved top
- Ebony fretboard, 24 frets, no inlays
- Headstock similar to a PRS, but longer (kind of a "stretched" PRS design)
- Bridge: 4 single string bass bridge (black)
- Seymour Duncan 5 string Jazz pickups in the bridge and neck positions
- 1 volume, 1 tone knob (black)
- Schaller light bass tuners (black)
- Side jack
- Finish: trans purple/black burst, black on the sides and back until it gets to the neck/laminates
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and if i win, is the guitar free?


here is my custom build pic(very bad pic, i might add)

-Modeled after the Jackson Soloist and the Schecter C-1

-change the Headstock to your custom head stock

-Neck Through

-25.5 Scale
Width at Nut 43mm
Width Last Fret 58mm
Thickness 1st Fret 18mm
Thickness 12th Fret 20mm

-Tasmanian Blackwood Body (or ASH)

-Flamed Maple Carved top

-11-ply Maple-Blackwood(or ash)-Amazaque-Wenge neck

-24 Xtra Jumbo Frets

-Angled headstock topped with flamed Maple and finished with the body color

-Rose Inlay, stem is dark rosewood(or any exotic wood), the leaves/thorns are Green heart Abalone and rose petals are Black Onyx.

-The side dots has red LED's

-Trans Black Burst finish

-Green Heart Abalone Body,fretboard and headstock binding, with the liplick binding on the topwood like in the Schecter Hellraiser.

-Wilkinson VS100N Tremolo Bridge, Black Chrome w/ Noiseless springs or Ibanez Lo-pro Edge.

-Graph Tech Nut or the Ibanez Edge Nut

-Planet Waves Locking Auto Trim Tuners or Sperzel Trimlock.

-DiMarzio Air Norton (neck) + D Sonic (bridge) or D sonic (Bridge) + Fernandes Sustainer System.

-1 volume, 2 tone, Kill Switch, split coil mini switch and a mini switch for the LED (and the Fernandes sustainer switch, if you chose that.)

-3 way blade toggle switch.

PSN USERNAME: MetuulGuitarist7
feel free to add me
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I'll give it a go...

Do we win anything?

SC (PRS SC 250 based)

Body: Tasmanian Blackwood
Top Wood: ¾” Master Grade Tasmanian Blackwood
Neck: Tasmanian Blackwood with 2, 0.7mm thick black veneer pinstripes
Fretboard: Bouree (a bit lighter in colour than the one shown in the mockup)
Pickups: Seymour Duncan JB and ‘59
Tuners: Black Gotoh
Bridge: Black Wilkinson trem
Electronics: 1 vol, 1 tone, 3 way switch
Neck Construction: Set Neck, Scarf Joint
Carve Depth: ¾”
Binding: Cream
Scale Length: 25 ½
Frets: Jumbo, 22
Finish: Shellac, Satin Clear

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Oooh boyohboyohboyohboyohboy...should be fun!

Ok so I have a number of ideas as of now, all of which are plans for my future builds (if I ever get the proper tools), and I will probably come up with a few more before the deadline, but here’s what I got:

(Invalid img)

I call this one the “Leo”. It combines what I believe to be all of Fender’s best ideas into one axe with a few modern updates. I’m actually building this exact guitar over the winter but feel free do it too and make any changes you wish.

Ash Jaguar body and 24” maple neck with a 22 vintage fret rosewood fretboard with vintage style tuners.

SSS Configuration
Fender Vintage Noiseless Telecaster pickup in the neck
Fender Hot Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster pickup in the middle
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for Jazzmaster in the bridge

In place of the Jazz/Jag’s confusing lead/rhythm circuit:
Bridge or Neck On switch (whichever you prefer)
Series/Parallel switch (instead of one of the roller knobs)
In/Out Phase switch (instead of the other roller knob)

5 way switch
1 Volume
1 Tone

Mustang style trem and bridge

Do whatever finish you feel like. Personally, I’m going to do a white sparkle on mine with a black pearloid pickguard. If you get wood with nice grain then I definitely suggest a stain. Maybe use red grain filler and black stain to get a sick look with either a black or white pearloid pickguard.

(Invalid img)

The Ultimate Les Paul Double Cutaway – Ok so the mockup is based off a PRS Santana 2 but you get the idea. This should be pretty balanced. My only concern would be that the rosewood neck might cause it to dip like an SG’s so you might want to switch woods with the korina and make the body rosewood.

Korina body with a Swamp Ash cap with a 24.75” Rosewood neck with a 24 medium jumbo fret Ebony fretboard with opal tribal inlays

HSH configuration
Gibson Burstbucker Pro humbuckers
Gibson P-90 single coil

5 way switch
1 Volume Knob
2 Push-Pull Humbucker Tone Knob/Coil Split
1 Push-Pull P-90 Tone Knob/Bridge On switch

I would do either a natural finish or give it a slight amber stain personally but do whatever you feel like there. Actually it’d be pretty bitchin if you used like a brown or other dark colored grain filler on the ash and korina and then used a lighter stain on top of it. Use a pickguard if you want to or not, I don’t think I would though.

The Perfect SG – Imagine if you can the SG that’s been deigned not to have that annoying neck dip. From the weight, proportion and placement of the chosen tonewoods to the subtle changes in appearance I’ve wracked my brain on this design for over 6 months. I probably won’t have it perfected until long after I’ve gotten the tools to build it and then have actually have built it, but as it is I probably wont get the tools for a few more years. On top of that, there’s a chorus pedal built right into it! Woo! Mock up coming soon.

Paduak neck through construction with extra thick (like a Telecaster) Bubinga wings and a Wenge fretboard.
24 gold medium jumbo frets
24.75” scale with a narrow, thin carve to reduce weight
Opal Split Diamond inlays
Custom low mass headstock design. Think along the lines of a Gibson Flying V’s but Melody Maker sized.
Locking Tuners
Graphite Nut

HSH Configuration
Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck pickup
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for Strat Middle pickup
Seymour Duncan JB Bridge pickup
DiMarzio PAF Pro neck pickup
DiMarzio Fast Track 1 middle pickup
DiMarzio Super Distortion bridge pickup

5 way switch
4 Push-Pull Knobs
1 Volume/Neck Coil Split
1 Tone/Bridge Coil Split

Guitar Fetish Chorus Effect
1 Depth/Speed
1 Level/On-Off switch

Gold Hardware
Tune-O-Matic Bridge
Stetsbar trem

Again, I’d either leave this one natural or give it a slight stain, probably a darker redish tone like burgundy just to blend the tones of the paduak and bubinga together. Definitely stain the wenge a dark rosewoodish color though. Again, I’d probably not use a pickguard on this, but it’s all up to you if you want to.

Yajima String Works TSUBASA – Ok here’s one I don’t plan on making but I dig the design. The original kind of reminds me of what Clapton did to his Explorer back in the day.

Korina body and neck with a Wenge fretboard
Neck through construction with routed out wings
Gibson Explorer headstock
25” scale
24 frets
Locking Tuners
Graphite Nut
Wilkinson Trem
Black Hardware

HSH Configuration
Seymour Duncan Hot for Vintage Mini Humbucker neck pickup
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for Strat middle pickup
Seymour Duncan Stag-Mag bridge pickup

5 way switch
1 Push-Pull Volume/Bridge on
1 Push-Pull Tone/Bridge Coil Tap

Two tone vintage sunburst

Mustang Bass – Because every guitar player should have a shortscale bass. Hands down. No questions asked.

You could go the traditional Ash/Maple/Rosewood combo as far as body/neck/fretboard woods go but I would go the Warwick way and use exotic woods like Bubinga/Paduak/Wenge like my SG.
30” scale
24 frets
Badass 2 Bridge

SS Configuration
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for P-Bass middle pickup
Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound for J-Bass bridge pickup

Two 3 way Mustang style pickup selector switches
2 Volumes
2 Tones
1 Meg ohm pots

Finish it however you see fit. Personally, I’d go with a red sparkle finish with black racing stripes along the forearm contour with a white pearloid pickguard and an oil finished neck regardless of the woods used…unless they have sick grains. Then I’d do a red stain with black racing stripes and a white pearloid pickguard.

Electric-Acoustic Epiphone Casino – This one is tricky. Electronically speaking, this is probably the simplest design I’ve suggested but the Casino is a fully acoustic ES-300 style archtop. This one would challenge your building skills more than your wiring. It’d actually almost be easier if you bough a Chinese Casino and modded the **** out of it. Then again, if you really wanted to challenge yourself, make it a 12 string.

A proper Cassino has an all-Maple, all-acoustic body with a Mahogany neck and a Rosewood fretboard. I would do it more like the alternate LP DC I mentioned before; Rosewood Back and Sides, Ash Top, Korina Neck and Ebony Fretboard for a more balanced acoustic sound.

24.75” scale neck
22 medium jumbo frets

SSS configuration
Gibson P-90 (Dogeared) neck pickup
Fender Vintage Noiseless Telecaster (neck) middle pickup
Gibson P-90 (Dogeared) Bridge pickup

Tone Pros Graph Tech TOM bridge with a Piezo
Bigsby B7 Vibrato Arm
Silver Hardware

5 way switch
1 Push-Pull Master Volume/Piezo on-off
3 Tones, 1 of which is a Push-Pull Bridge on/off switch

The finish is totally up in the air. As a rule of thumb, a vintage two-tone sunburst on an ES-300 never gets old, but in case it does, go for whatever crazy colors you can imagine. Blue or Green stains would actually look pretty bitchin on it though, especially if you used flamed maple.

All Maple Ibanez Iceman – I think this is the most straight-forwards one yet…I must be running out of ideas lol.

Maple neck through construction with possibly hollow Maple wings. Maybe make it like a Rickenbacker. Use flamed or quilted or otherwise figured maple however you see fit. I’d give it a custom headstock though, maybe something like a Jackson’s or a pointier Explorer.

HH Configuration
Seymour Duncan P-Rails (Neck) neck pickup
Seymour Duncan P-Rails (Bridge) bridge pickup

The P-Rails come with a diagram to wire up a 2V 2T push-pulls setup to get the split between the Rail Coil, P-90, and then use it as a standard humbucker and even how to wire it to get PAF humbucking tones so definitely do that. For the record, I strongly recommend installing them upside-down with the rail coils on the outside, not in. It gives a better single coil tone.
2 Push-Pull Volumes/Coil Tap
2 Push-Pull Tones/Coil Tap
3 Way Switch

Either string through with a TOM bridge or a Floyd Rose trem, whichever you prefer.

That's all I got for now but expect more and expect edits while I shoop up some mockups
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EHX Big Muff Pi w/ Tone Wicker
Line 6 Echo Park

My PRS with SD P-Rails Build
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Yayaayayayaya Count Me In Noww


Okay, here is my design, simple, but I like it

A strat with some mods:

Cedar Body
Ebony/Maple neck, reverse Headstock
Gotoh Bridge
EMGs, two Humbuckers, one single
Locking Tuners
Dunlop 6105 fretwire
Normal Pearl dot inlays,
Black Bind on the body.

Div edit 2 : 30oct


Cedar Body
Cedar Pickguard
Cedar Neck

Humbucker tele bridge

Dimarzio Air Norton at neck position
Super Distortion at bridge
6150 fret wire

Entry 3:

Same as before, but with Oak Body
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Modern Moderne

Moderne Shape
Neck through
Maple/Rosewood/Carbon fibre/Maple/Carbon fibre/Rosewood/Maple
Gotoh tuners [Gold]
A clear coat thick enough that I won't feel like a horrible person if I bonk it into the fridge

24.75" scale
Slim neck
Soft V-shaped profile
22 Stainless Jumbo frets
Ebony Fingerboard
Triangle MOP inlays, small ones - bass side up to 12th both sides at the 12th and treble side after it

Korina (black if you have it, but no need to order it in) wings
Whatever-dark-coloured-fancy-looking-wood-you-have top

Schaller 458P bridge [Gold]

Some kind of humbucker[Gold cover] Bridge
Some hum sized P90 [Gold cover] Neck
(and piezo from the bridge)
Rosewood mounting rings

On/off for the P90
On/split/off for the humbucker
On/off for the piezo
Blend pot for the piezo
Master Vol
Master Tone (with bypass switch)

Summary of 'No Limits' features:
Carbon fibre in the neck which might (?) eliminate the need for a truss rod
Funny wiring/switching

Ugly photoshop mockup on the way. is here.

Woods aren't really right since I've had this kicking around for a while.
Too many frets because I used the patent drawing, not some fancy vector.
I figure you'd know how the tuners fit on it better than I do - it's late and I can't quite see it.
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Multi-scale fanned-fret 6-string based largely on the Breedlove Mark II Synergy...

-Body: Honduran Mahogany
-Top: Quilted Maple
-Scale Length: High-E = 25.5 / Low-E = 26
-Neck Joint: Set Neck or Neck Through with AANJ shaping
-Neck Wood: Ovangkol or Rosewood
-Neck Shape: Soft V(Like Clapton)
-Fretboard: Ebonized Rosewood
-Frets: 24
-Fretboard Radius: 12"
-Bridge: Black GHOST Floyd Rose
--ESP Arming Adjuster/Göldo BackBox
-Bridge Pickup: Dimarzio Crunch Lab(Oriented like JP[Bar closer to neck])
-Neck Pickup: Dimarzio Liquifire
-Onboard Electronics: GraphTech Ghost Acoustiphonic Preamp Kit with GHOST QuickSwitch
-Controls: Magnetic - 2V 2T / Piezo - 1V 1T
-Dunlop Black StrapLoks

-The Volume and Tone controls for the Piezo will be the bottom controls of Concentric knobs for the Neck pup V/T pots.
-Mini toggle(Mag/Mag-Piezo/Piezo) between the Concentric knobs(but sitting outside of them forming a triangle).
-Three way pickup selector(Bridge - Middle - Neck) placed like an LP
-Black Triple Shot pickup rings

-Tribal Red(click for example) with a Blackburst inside the carve(click for sample)... Just like the Mark II Synergy
-Matching Quilted Blackburst Red Headstock with the Serial Number: 81203-52508 on the back.


-It's a bit off with the carves, but that ish is hard to do lol.
-(Bigger size if clicked)
---Slight modification to the body, and the carve is shown much closer to how I want it...

My original plan was for this in 7-string form... But I have yet to play one. And just in case I do win, better be a guitar I would play, haha. I think it would be mean as hell in 7 string.

Also, I don't want the fretboard that cluttered, just one pitbull head at the 12th that goes from the 11th-13th, and the name ROXY in small block letters on the 24th.
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Alright here we go... I have never built a guitar before so I am not sure exactly what all I need, so if I am missing anything let me know.

I want this body style

Diamond plate pickguard, with enough knobs to control the built in Wah, OD, Chorus, Delay, and Compressor/limiter (modboards maybe?

Dual Humbuckers coil tapped of course.

Mahoganny Body either solid black or a 3/4 quilted maple trans black (if it were quilted it would have to look as good as this:

Mahoganny or Maple Neck, With an Ebony Fretboard, and LED's instead of inlays. The wires can run down the inside of the neck with the truss rod somehow.

Kahler Bridge (cause I am sick of Floyds, and I never played a Kahler)

Thats about all I can think of at 3:15 am
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My idea

Swamp ash body, spalted maple top - with a blue burst (similar to the recessed hardware picture)
The body and headstock shape of a Fernandes Ravelle.

Birds Eye maple neck and fretboard (22 frets) with an Osprey covering the 12th fret in Abalone (around that area as I'd like it quite big ) As it would be in memory of my Dad who passed away.

Two black p-90 pickups of some description with a tune o matic string thru.

Black hardware (Gotoh mini tuning keys) with the knobs and 3 way switch recessed into the guitar body slightly, I'm not sure if this style has a proper name!

EDIT: Changed the picture to be smaller with more of the detail on it and changed a few specs, if theres any hope of me winning nearer the time I can provide more detailed specifications and pictures to back up the ideas I have
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GREAT!!! thank you for the chance!

Here are my 3 entries:

1.- Entry:


* SHAPE: Gibson Les Paul Style, Flat top.

* SCALE LENGTH: 25'5 (648mm).

* BODY: Flame Maple on top, Mahogany on back. Black Binding.

* NECK: Maple. Thin neck shape. Neck Through, OR, neckpocket All Access Neck Joint with 4 screws and ferrules (AANJ just like an Ibanez RG shape).... never mind.

* FINGERBOARD: Bird Eye Maple. NO Inlays. Black Binding. 22 Big Jumbo Frets. Radius about 430mm.

* BRIDGE: Floyd Rose Black.

* NUT: Locking Nut for a floyd rose bridge in Black.

* TUNERS: Gotoh modern style Black.

* PICKUPS: 2 Humbuckers H/H: Symour Duncans OR Dimarzios... in Red color.

* WIRING: 3-way-Switch (H-HH-H). Volume Knob with push pull for tap coil.

* FINISH: Natural finish.

Here the project draw pic :



2.- Entry:


* Same that '1.-Entry' but with 24 jumbo Frets and RED Shark-Tooth Inlays. and a different Headstock Shape

just like this... draw pic :


3.- Entry:


* Same that '2.-Entry' but with a Vine Inlay (Ibanez Jem) RED leaves and BLACK Stem on fingerboard.

just like this... draw pic :

very cool, true?

I thing that all is ok and I don't forget anything .


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Here's my uninspired design:

Strat/Les Paul merged body, with Strat cutaways
Mahogany body with flame maple top
25.5" 24 fret maple set in neck, ebony fretboard
floyd rose bridge, nut

HSH pickups
les paul style knobs
2 pickup selectors with push-pull knob to select different sets of pickups (les paul pickup selector restricts the use of only HH pickups, and the strat pickup selector automatically splits the coil to SSS pickups)
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What a freakin' rad idea.

Can I enter from Australia? Or is posting a guitar to me too much of a pain in the face?

Then again, my idea is pretty simple, so I doubt I'd win, hahaha.

A really simple explanation so I can remember this tomorrow and find more details - green flame top Les Paul, with the circuitry from a ProCo Rat2 in the neck pickup cavity; using the pickup selector as an on/off switch for the Rat and the bridge tone, neck volume, neck tone controls set to control the distortion, filter and volume dials of the Rat.


alder body
rosewood fretboard w/ standard lp inlays
single dogear P90 at the bridge
black TOM w/ stringthru frerules
Wilkinson EZ-LOK locking Tuners Black 3x3
one vol one tone
(ignore the switch in the mockup)
black lp JR pickguard
schaller straplocks
bolt on neck
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Shape: Z body

Body: Mahogany
Top: Flamed Maple
Top of headstock: flamed maple
Neck: Mahogany
Neck Shape: Similar to the wizard II
Headstock shape: shecter
Inlays: blank board, side dots
Fingerboard: Ebony
25.5" scale, 22 jumbo frets, Neck through.
String through


Side/Back: Natural
Neck: Natural
Headstock(top): Same as top of body
Headstock(back): Natural

Locking tuners
Graphite nut
black chrome hardware

Neck: EMG 60
Bridge: EMG 81
1 volume
1 tone
3 way
18v mod

Will edit if I think of anything else.
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I think I might compete or whatever; with my basic Ibanez/Music Man shaped Superstrat 7 string im attempting to build [see my thread for the pics of tracing on wood, all i have gotten so far]

1st build, might as well see what you all think

SHAPE: Ibanez RG / Music Man JP7 fusion, superstrat style; flat top 7 string

* SCALE LENGTH: 26.5". (think i can get away with 27 frets and standard tuning at this length with a 7 string?)

* BODY: Green-Stained Flame Maple Veneer Top [Similar to Carvin or Suhr style], Back : Black paint, black binding

* NECK: Rock Maple or Curly Maple. Ibanez flat neck shape. Bolt On with contoured heel and carved lower horn to allow easier access to upper frets

* FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, 24 [Possibly 27 if i can work it out] frets, 16" Radius, No Binding or Inlays, Side Marker dots

* BRIDGE: Hipshot 7 Black [Fixed]

* NUT: Some synthetic 7 string such as possibly GraphTech Tusq or graphite or something

* TUNERS: Gotoh or Schaller 7 String [Possibly Locking, Undecided if they are even needed]

* PICKUPS: Humbuckers H/H: Dimarzio Crunch Lab 7 Bridge & Liquifire 7 Neck

* WIRING: 5-way superswitch, single mini volume knob drilled closer than usual to the hand position for improved swells

* FINISH: Stained green flame maple top with clear lacquer finish, black back and binding
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2 inches of carved mahogany goodness.
Ebony Neck, stained to black
AAAAA Quilted maple top

Mother of pearl purfling on body and neck and headstock
Mother of pearl extra jumbo fret markers
Stainless steel frets
Steel/graphite nut

Schaller Locking Black Chrome Tuners
Seymor Duncan JB/59'
String thru/TOM bridge
2 volume/2 tone all pushpulls:
-Tap bridge
-Tap Neck
-Bypass, takes both pickups in series and goes right to the output jack.

Simple, elegant.
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