I was looking online last night on the esp japanese website, at alexi's model. I was wondering why there was such a price difference between the esp sawtooth and the edwards e-al-128 Sawtooth, theres like a 4000$ difference. I noticed one model is esp, and the other is edwards. what are the differences, and why are the prices so different?
Much help appreciated.
just a guess but the more expensive one is probably a custom hand-made guitar built in an ESP factory where as the cheaper one is probably just made on an assembly line.

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every guitar on ESP's japans website is hand made, the edwards models are like the LTD's of japan. the ESP Alexi on the japans website is exactly like the one he plays
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TS what you musnt' forget is the country of origin of both guitars and the amount of costs that go into the guitar and the time it takes to build a guitar and the people paid to build them and yadda yadda yadda. The whole ESP vs. Edwards topic has been beaten to death and if you spend an hour on google looking into certain tokai forums then you'll be able to find out all the required information.