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...Without cost, and you can choose up to three. Whose instruments would you choose? Don't feel limited to electric guitars, too. Any instrument works, really.

My picks:

1. John Frusciante's '60 (or '59) Blonde Strat:

2. John Mayer's Custom Shop Martin:

3. Jimi's Monetery Strat:

KK Downings Cherry Red w/white pick guard Flying V

Chris Brodericks custom 7 strings Ibanez Prestige

and Antti Kokkos custom Amfisound guitar
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Peter Green's Les Paul

David Gilmour's Black Strat

Brian May's Red Special
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Monteray Strat

B.B. Kings Lucille

and The Triple Pickup Black Beauty :P
SRV's Number 1
Jimi's V
Hetfield's EET FUK Explorer
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Ibanez S770PB
Jackson Rhoads
Custom Strat
Agile Al 3100
Rainbow Music Shop Custom Les Paul
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Bugera 6260 212
Line 6 Spider III
The guitar Jimi Hendrix set one fire.

Steve Vai's EVO.

Satch's Surfin with the Alien 20th Anniversary guitar.
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Eric Johnson's sunburst strat w/ V neck
Ritchie Blackmore's strat
Billy Gibbons' fuzzy Explorer or Corvus
2009 (Used, w/ Tex Mex pups ) MIM Strat
Peavey Vypyr 15w
Is AASing for Blackstar HT-5 head and speaker
Is GASing for Kramer Striker Custom w/o FR
KoRn's custom 7-string Ibanez K-7
Ibanez Universe UV7PW
Paul Reed Smith Tremonti in Tribal
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Matt Bellamy's Manson whatever it is. The one with the Kaoss Pad.
Steven Wilson's emerald green PRS Custom 24.
Trey Anastasio's custom Languedoc.

Trey's guitar for sure. He's got a couple of these custom made they are sick. I'd take that, Page's LP, and a Jimi Strat
Grohls Gibby

Jimmy's Les Paul

A Dan Armstrong see through (grohl again)

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Terry Bozzio's drums, Tye Zamora's 6-string bass, and Fredrik Thordendal's 8-string guitar.

No, really.
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James Hetfields White Explorer

Neil Young's Old Black Les Paul

and Dave Grohl's 335
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2008 M.I.A. HSS Strat
Marshall JCM 900 50w Dual Reverb
Kirk Hammett's: ESP Eclipse (one with the Spider) I think its a ESP KH-3?
James Hetfield: ESP V (with green flames)
Yngwie Malmsteen Fender Strat.
Alexi Laiho Fin
Zakk Wylde ZV Buzzsaw
James Hetfield Iron Cross

EDIT: Scratch the Iron Cross
Its Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth V
ESP LTD Alexi-200
Blackstar HT-5 Mini Halfstack
Squier Affinity Strat
Dunlop Crybaby Wah
Line 6 Uber Metal
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Brian May's Red Special
Randy Rhoads's polka-dot V
Max Cavalera's Brazilian flag ESP

Dimebag's Dixie Rebel would be cool too...
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* Boss OS-2 * Boss DD-7 *

Eyes on Wah & SD pups
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John Bonham's Drum Set from the How the West Was Won tour

Angus Young's 68 SG

and.. and...

The ones I would like to have:
Hetfield's White Explorer
Randy Rhoads' original V
Dave Mustaine's first jackson V (with 24 frets and FR)

However, If for some reason the real guitars would be given to me, they would be:
Hendrix's Monterrey strat
Jimmy Page's Doubleneck
David Gilmour's #1 strat .
I'm not a huge fan of any, but they are very iconic guitars and I would sell them for a fortune.

Alexi Laiho's ESP Blacky

George Lynch's ESP Tiger

Dimebag's Dean Rebal Razorback
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1. Death
2. Children Of Bodom
3. Metallica
4. Megadeth
5. Pantera
6. Cannibal Corpse
1.Jimmy Page no.2
2. Gilmour black strat
3. Jimi Hendrix V
Dave Mustaine's Jackson KV-1. Kahler's are cool.


I love Megadet and Dave Mustaine and all but who comes the Kahler has the bridge and all but no locking nut?

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Esp Ltd KH-603, Schecter c-1+ and Epiphone Les Pauls
Carvin amps, Sperzel Trim-Lok, Emg active pickups only, Tonepros bridges.
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Peter Green's Les Paul

Pete Townshend SG Special

Jimmy Page's Dragon Telecaster
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I love Megadet and Dave Mustaine and all but who comes the Kahler has the bridge and all but no locking nut?

I think they're fixed bridge guitars.
Satch's 20th anniversary JS
EVH's Frankenstrat
Gilmour's Red Strat

Eric Johnsons Strat
Billy Gibbons Pearly gates Les Paul
George lynch's Skull and Snakes ESP
Daron Malakian's Iceman:

Kirk Hammet's Ouiji ESP:

and who could forget......

Set Up:
Schecter Hellraiser C-1FR
AMP: Peavey Vypyr Tube 60W
Sanpera Footpedal

EVH's Baby

Randy Rhoads' Concorde

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I love Megadet and Dave Mustaine and all but who comes the Kahler has the bridge and all but no locking nut?

Its a Kahler hardtail, its not a trem
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1. John Frusciante's 60's beat up sunburst strat
2. JImi Hendrix's painted V
3. Stevie Ray Vaughn's #1
MIM Tele
Fender Blues Jr NOS
Schecter Omen 6
Squier Strat
Greg Bennett Acoustic
other crap...
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Kirk's "The Mummy" guitar
Matt Heafy's 7 string Explorer
Nergal's 7 string V.
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PRS SE Custom 24 (Suhr SSH+/SSV)
Ibanez RG3120 Prestige (Dimarzio Titans)
Squier Vintage Modified 70s Jazz V
Audient iD22 interface
Peavey Revalver 4, UAD Friedman BE100/DS40
Adam S3A monitors
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