I been thinking of chainging my hardware on my les paul to black. But getting epiphone parts in black. Is there anyway you can paint the hardware were the paint wont chip off or it wont mess up the treads in the screws on the tuneomatic?

or does anyone know where i can get these parts?

Thanks guys
you can just get replacement parts, they dont have to be epiphone
painting them will be more hassle than it's worth and wont be very good in the end.
the only way i can think of is having an ano job done on the hardware like you'd have done on a paintball marker.
I wouldnt recommend painting them. Its gonna be a huge pain in the ass, really not worth it imo. You could powder coat it but I dont know much about that, and its expensive too I think, so Id buy new hardware in black. You can get it from GFS, stewmac, warmoth, allparts, theres a bunch of online retailers that would have what you need.
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