Hey guys!

I want to get rid of the hum/noise in my pedalboard AND amplifier.

I'm using a Fender Pro Tube Twin Amp.
And some pedals: Dyna Drive, Overdrive/Distortion and Digital Delay(in the effects loop) all by Boss, a satchuator, a Russian Big Muff Pi and a Clonetheory(effectsloop) by EHX.

I guess the noise doesn't come from the distortion pedals, because I even get it when they are not engaged.

The Clonetheory produces a really nasty hum, which you can still hear a little bit while playing. So a noise gate wouldn't reduce the hum as I play, right?!
There is also a little bit of noise kicking is when I engage the effectsloop.
And the reverb adds just another bit of hum.

(to reduce the noise from the clonetheory, I cranked up the Send-level and adjusted the return, so it is at least "playable")

Would the hum debugger kill the noise while I'm playing??
And if so would it be possible to put it between pre-amp and speakers, without damaging anything?

Thanks for your help!
The hum debugger is a pickup hum suppressor , not a noise gate. It is designed specifically for eliminating the hum from noisy pick ups, generally single coil pick ups. I have the pedal and on the sheet that came with it, it said " we advise you to put your ehx hum debugger at the beginning of you effects chain." the pedal works like a charm, and also eliminates the buzz/hum that my amp produces. All in all, it's a great pedal if your pick ups are noisy. It does NOT effect your tone, if anything, it makes your tone more clear and, if your using a solid state amp, it will make your amp sound more like a tube amp.
A noise suppressor is meant to go at the end of your chain so you can eliminate the unwanted noise from your pedals. Double check the order of your pedal set up. Most people don't realize that having your pedals set up in the right order will help get rid of the feedback noise that you don't want.

That's all I got