lets see what angus has to say

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Young mainly uses the Marshall model 1959 100 watt Super Lead Plexi (reissued as the SLPX with the X denoting added, but bypassable features.) heads and model 1960 AV and BV 4x12 cabinets with Celestion G12M "Greenbacks".

Angus tells Celestion speakers that:

“ From High Voltage to Black Ice, it's been Celestion guitar speakers all the way. ”

Angus Young has used JMP 50 and JTM 45 heads in the studio. He used JMP 50 most notably on Back In Black. Ballbreaker was almost all recorded with JTM 45's. Angus does have a black flag JTM50 and there is an isolation box under the stage during live performances with either a JTM 45 or JTM 50 running through them mixed with the onstage amplifiers to get the mix through the PA.

it says G12M Greeenbacks but im sure there not much of a difference.

anyway there good for anything from hard rock to blues. the dude from rage against the machine uses em. (ironicly the guy the runs around like angus)
To start with you ahve to separate the Greenback and G12H. The Greenback is often said to be the G12M (Medium magnet). However the G12H (Heavy magnet) were also made wiht green backs, hence the confusion, but when somebody mentions Greenbacks, 99% that means the G12M. However the G12H is a VERY good speaker. I have one in my 18watter and love it. It's simialr to a Greenback in tone, but has very thick and raw mids and more bottom. It's got a very throaty sound and great in amps that you want to tame the brighness a bit without losing attack. It's probably my favourite speaker and overall great for blues, classic rock and hard rock.
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