should i go for this?

or this?

i hear both are very good guitars, but i havent been able to try out the SE Custom 24 because none of the music stores near me sell it. ive tried the allender and liked it alot. but from experiance what is the better guitar? i play jazz,blues,rock, alternative,metal, and progressive
same guitars arent they?

ive played both and there's not much difference. i assume the purple has 'custom' pickup set in it but bar the paint job i think theyre the same.

i find they play very well, good for your style as it has the fast slim neck. id say get the SE custom 22 in blue-something cos its a ****ing awesome paint job, or the 24 in cherry red (or equivalent).

i was actually gunna buy the second one but then i found this bitchin' custom in my local shop so i got that (see sig). sorry if my ramblings incohearent, im tired