hey guys now i can play nearly the whole of this song but apart from one part in the intro which is the really fast bit, now i can play it but not well at all, how can i learn to play this well and in time otherwise it just destroys the whole intro.

thanks a lot

if you dont know what bit im talking about its at 0:34 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEQnzs8wl6E

alt pick it and just keep playing it. you'll get it eventually. practice it slow and build up
I had the same problem but the key is to just practise it over and over again. Perhaps you can try using different finger positions
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Practice, practice, practice! Use Audacity or some other program to slow it down, and just practice along with it slowly, and gradually increase the tempo.
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You mean this part?
Track 1
      H.            E   S  S     S  S  S  S  S   S  S  S  S  S  S  S  Q        

That's a very basic sweeping pattern.
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