Ok so I'm looking for a new tube amp. I play mainly hard rock/metal but also stuff like chilis too. Preferably a combo but half stacks ok too. Budget £300-400.
I've heard good things about the Blackstar HT-5 Ministack and combo.
maybe check out kustom defender... it can not handle the heaviest of metal, it is more blues-oriented instead, but the voice is just simply pure shining awesome IMO.
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Should have put this in the OP but it needs to be able to handle performances. Does that have enough power for medium sized venues? The blackstar that is.
The Blackstar? I think because it is 5w it would have to be mic'd. In my experience most amps sound better mic'd anyway
Is used stuff an option?

If yes, I suggest you look into used Marshall DSL401 and Laney LC30 combos.

If not, some of the nicer modelling combos might be right for you. The cheapest option that I'd recommend for somewhat serious metal playing would be a Vox VT50. It's roughly 250 quid. There's also bigger combos, like the Vox VT100 or Line6 Flextone III, both being ridiculously loud for home use, but the dual speaker configuration really helps with heavy rock and metal.

All of these will be loud enough for band use/gigging, but the VT50 might be underpowered for bigger gigs.

If you need something for home use only though, the aforementioned Blackstar HT5 is worth a shot. I'd recommend looking into a Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube combo as well - nice tone and loud enough for band practice, but will most likely not be loud enough at gigs when playing metal. Still a nice amp though and relatively cheap for what it offers.



Thinking about it, the Laney is probably worth saving up the extra 26 quid.