Wow that was some real nice blues ,i really enjoyed listening to that. Your vibrato and phrasing seem fine ,technique is good too. The only thing i can really suggest to prepare yourself is to start practicing some licks that sound good anywhere on the fret board ,then you can whip them out or use them to link licks together. Listen to how the backing track plays too ,follow that and try to sync your sound and bends to the exact timing of the backing track. Other than that i have no idea because that was great ,did you improvise all of that? How long you been playing?
Thank you very much. Yeah it was improvised. I've been playing for about 6 years or so but I didn't really get serious with it till' I was about one year in.

But once again, thank you for the critiscism. I appreciate it
Yeah thats good stuff for improvisation ,you did well ,the guy who came first must of been insane lol.
Wow! You blew my mind, that was some fine dynamics!

Take it easy with the vibrato, sometimes your vibrato was a little too fast and a little to small, if you catch my drift. Learn a couple of new licks to play with a little more variation.

Other than that, keep your sense for dynamics, and keep using pauses.
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that was really good, better than i would probably do. haha. it seems like your technique and all that is phenomenal, all in all a good job man
Wow! Great job! Great emotion and blues licks man! Kick butt for UG!
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Great stuff...I liked it alot. Keep making those faces!!!!

Anyone ever told you that you kind of look like Dweezil Zappa?
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Nicely done!

On a somewhat different note, was I alone in finding myself wanting to sing 'The Jack' (ACDC) along to that?
Oh, now I've gone and spilled my tea. This really won't do at all.