What is black and milds?
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There's more than 2? I only know of regular and vanilla.

Wine, cream, cherry, cherry-vanilla, etc.
I prefer wine. I think cream tastes just as I imagine ass would.<This applies to apple too.
What ARE they though?
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What ARE they though?

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cheap cigar blunts > cigarillos

those things are stupid, and make sure you freak them!
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^You smoke the swishers as cigarillos?


no I smoke them as what they are?

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I like the regular flavor honestly. I'm more down for Swishers, though.

This. Swishers Sweets are awesome.
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i jus like the wine, but honestly there gorss. i would rather have a marb red cigarette after enjoying a joint of some dank
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^You smoke the swishers as cigarillos?


I don't get it.

Swishers are good. I prefer them with a different substance in the middle though.

Phillies are king.

Black and Milds?
I like the cherry vanilla best.
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I prefer Grey & Moderates.
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I prefer Grey & Moderates.

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Cherry and its variations by far.
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To bad Obama has banned them. Well, I think. Being English I don't know. We haven't have fruit flavoured smokables for years. If at all.

Also, we're not allowed to brand our fags "milds".

Seriously, I have no idea what "Black & Milds" are. Americans seem obsessed with them...?
wine usually
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When I smoked them (which was for about 3 months after I turned 18) I only got the regulars. All the other ones are goddamn awful.
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captain black's anyone??
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Seriously, I have no idea what "Black & Milds" are. Americans seem obsessed with them...?

Americans are obsessed with a lot of stupid ****, I can vouch for that.

Basically it's a cigarello, like a miny cigar that's got a flavored wrap.
I have never heard of Black and Mild's until I moved to where I am now, but where I used to live, Reno, we had these mini cigars that ressembled cigarettes that were called Primetimes. Are they the same thing?
smokking is bad 4 u lololololol


And damn you, TS, I've already wanted one for like... a week! Now I just want one worse.

And what is it with me and tobacco products black people like? I love B&M's, and I used to smoke Kools and Newports...
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