Yooo, getting a new geetar and it's between these:

A Used Jackson SL1, A Charvel So-Cal or an Ibanez RG3570z.....

The maximum amount I will spend is $1600.

If you guys have had any experience with the guitars, please share.

sooo little information...CAN'T. PROCESS. ANSWER!
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where are you?
with $1600 you have a lot of options really.
Woot! New Zealand...
Maybe get an electro-banjo and lace it with a pair of SD Blackouts ...seriously tho you an get alot for $1600
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Seriously though what amp do you play through majority of the time?
Out of these guitars, I'd go for the SL1, because of the two singlecoils or hotrails or whatever they are. Check out used or new Caparison guitars, Carvin guitars, Suhr, PRS etc.

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lol@ everyone misinterpreting the thread.
He's not asking for more suggestions, he just wants to know what people think about those three guitars. Tweeb appears to be the only one to understand this.
My choice out of the three would be the So Cal. I think the pickups are better suited for metal, and its a pretty solid guitar.