well something strange is happening. my wisdom are growing. AND IM 16!!! i feel them back there one of them is already popping out of my gums a little. its weird because theyre not supposed to grow until your like 20 or something. and i hear that its painful

anybody else grow em yet?
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I believe I'm starting to. I too am 16.
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They can start erupting any time starting at about 16. It doesn't hurt right when they come out, it's more of a gradual increasing of pressure on your other teeth that is the concern, as this might lead to cavities and crooked teeth. If you haven't been, get to see a dentist soon because they can tell you whether they'll need to come out or not. My wisdom teeth came in when I was about 18 or so (23 now) and I only had one out just this year. It's really a case by case thing. Until then, make sure to brush them gently, not too hard, or you might cause the gums around them to bleed.
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You can get your wisdom teeth at 16, I did. They won't grow fully.. they grow on and off until you're about 18-20 whatever.. And be prepared for restless nights filled with pain
Had all four of mine removed last Friday. Mush-cuisine galore is all that's on the menu for now.
....i swear i got mine out at 14
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i yanked a tooth out of my mouth at age 14 i think it might have been one of them.. it was pretty small and looked like a croc tooth. It hurt like a b****
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mine are coming out now and im 15

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they shouldnt hurt too much, tender gums should be about the worst of it.... they only hurt badly if they arent coming up straight. mine are only coming up now (even though im 20), but arent bad at all. which is suprising, because both my parents had theirs pulled, and my sister had hers pulled about 2 years ago. but oh well, i wont complain
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I started growing mine when I was 16. They don't bother me though. I'm 20 now and they are still growing. But if they start hurting then that means they are growing into your back teeth and you might need to get them removed.
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Getting mine out next month.
I can't wait till they're gone.
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im getting mine, i know a bunch of guys who've had them at 16
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You kidding? 16 is a prime age for those to come in. I just had mine removed, and I'm 17.
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I'm 16 too and I have them coming in it sucks
I got mine out a month or two after I turned 17, but I know a few people who got theirs out when they were younger. It really depends on the rate at which your teeth matured, there is no set age. My cousin, who is almost 21, just got his out last week, but he was always slow to mature physically.

Also, get them out before they pop through, if you can. That's how I did mine and its a lot less painful and leaves less risk of more injury i.e., dry socket.
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whats the big deal, i got mine when i ws 16.
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The one on my left side is already out. And I'm 15. Don't worry. My girlfriend got hers removed at 16. It's normal, brah.
19 years old and they've all comfortably settled there, and it's been like this for about a year now. Don't sweat it, some of us just go through mouth puberty quicker than others.

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I got mine coming in I'm 16
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I've had mine since i was 14. They didn't hurt, and they can be left in.
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I haven't gotten any that require precarious dental assistance yet (I am 16 BTW, they should be due anytime soon), and I have a ramshackle set of teeth half of which resulted in the knocking-out of several baby teeth with an attempt to extract a polo shirt from a clotheshanger when I could have just unbuttoned the damn thing. My teeth (although a full set) have grown crooked ever since.

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yeah mine are all fully in and im just turning 18

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it's happening to me a little and i'm 15
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i already have mine pulled (16) its really not bad
i was back in three days (had all 4 out)
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Mine are fully in, and I'm 17. They're coming out at the end of the year, though, as they're causing some major problems.
Im 18, only one has come out so far. Two others are growing, one of thems fairly uncomfortable but bearable. Whenever i feel them coming though i start to bit my cheeks with them.
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im 17 and just had them out (4) a few weeks ago. All in all i got lucky. they give you nitrous, then iv anesthesia, you wake up an hour and a half later not remembering anything and still feeling pretty damn good cuz the drugs still haven't worn off. You get vicodin, anti-inflammatories, a rinse, and anti-bacterials. My pain never once got to the point of being too uncomfortable. The vicodin can make you sick though. My teeth were fine again in less than a week.
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