Hello, I was wondering if anybody has buit a switcher that would operate with 2 to 5 tube amp heads. I looked thru the search function but did not find anything. What I have is 5 tube heads that I would like to run into 1 4x12 cab, I know that the switcher must be able to take the load of the heads not running into the cab while 1 head is switched to the cab. I have seen other switchers like the head trip that handles 4 heads. but I would like to build one, just for the fun of it. I mostly just play with my self( did't sound rite). I just love the sound of each head, get's bothersome to have to turn off one head to hook up another one. so any info would be nice. Thanks in advance. namosh
I can't explain the schematics, but if you look up 'progressive linkage', you'll see how the Road King does it.
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i don't see why it wouldn't be "possible" seeing as 4 is perfectly doable. it's certainly not going to be buyable though. If you can build a 4 way switch i don't see a 5 way becoming all that much more complex (unless i am missing something major)

EDIT: if you're just playing about at home is a second cab an option?
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Thanks for the replys. from what I've read real quick on progressive linkage its function is more with the build of head, allowing the switching of the tubes in the head itself, different sounds along with power. as far as getting another cab, Not in the budget. Plus this is something I would like to know and build. Thanks namosh
I think you'll want some sort of A/B/Y system. Problem is, your B on your first chain will be your A of your second chain, and so on, unless you were to wire up an A/B/C/D/E/(five-pronged letter), but there won't be much blend between the five I don't think.

What I was looking to do was have each one for there sound, seperately. I did't want to blend any of the amps together. I thought about the radial headbone switcher, but that only operates two heads. that would mean I need 2 switches and three cabs. would take up too much room. along with a couple of AB pedels. thanks namosh