does anybody know their setlist for the raleigh, NC concert and how long each will be playing? much appreciated if you could sent me a link.
Well I'm sure only the bands themselves and the crew working sound/lights know the setlist
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'Supermassive Black Hole'
'Stockholm Syndrome'
'The Resistance'
'New Born'
'Map Of The Problematique'
'United States Of Eurasia'
'Undisclosed Desires'
'Time Is Running Out'
'Unnatural Selection'
'Plug In Baby'
'Knights Of Cydonia'

That was Muse's Setlist from a show they played in Devon last weekend. Expect much of the same.

'No Line On The Horizon'
'Get On Your Boots'
'Beautiful Day'
'Until The End Of The World'
'New Year's Day'
'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'
'Stay (Faraway, So Close!)'
'Unknown Caller'
'The Unforgettable Fire'
'City Of Blinding Lights'
'I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix)'
'Sunday Bloody Sunday'
'Pride (In The Name of Love)'
'Walk On'
'Where The Streets Have No Name'
'Ultraviolet (Light My Way)'
'With Or Without You'
'Moment of Surrender'

And that was U2's Setlist from there gig in Wembley a few weeks ago. They may change it a bit, but not much, expect the singles anyway.
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