So I just ordered one. Neck through, EMG, ebony fretboard. I'm super pumped. Any of you guys played one? what are your opinions?
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I've heard they're quite good (as in, people prefer them to Ibanez' RG2228).
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haven't checked them out, but sounds awesome and knowing Agile probably the most affordable 8 string out there
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I've seen pretty shoddy QC from the Agile Intrepids. I looked on youtube to hear them one day. There were only 3 people who owned them. And 2 of them had problems. On one, the neck pickup wasn't installed properly. And the other one had finish problems and a bad stripe that could've easily been avoided. Hopefully yours doesn't have any problems. If I ever decide to get into ERGs, the Intrepid will probably be the one I get.
what do you do for strings? a pack of guitar and bass or do they sell 8 string packs?
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