Ok so I just got a Schecter Hellraiser with a floyd rose and all that crap.. but im haveing trouble tuning it down to drop D, its like the tuning pegs dont work.. this probably sounds like a nub question but plz help.
yea you cant because your strings are locked at the nut i believe its called? but yea it has to do with your whole tremello system...better get to googling and reading
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You have to unlock the tuners and stuff at the neck and then you'll have to adjust the Floyd Rose for that tuning..

Generally I don't change tunings with a Floyd Rose.

EDIT: Yeah, or go on Youtube and look up some quick lessons because Floyd Rose systems are different from standard tuning systems (more complex).
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hahah yes...your are def a NUB sorry but get to learning and post your questions, its not hard but its gonna be a learning process for your first time and you wont be able to quickly change tunings with a locking tremelo system
i LOVE taylor swift...oyes in a creepy way
nah its not that hard i used to have a syn gates with the same setup, you just have to get used to it.
*sigh* thats the problem with this site I ask for help and I get BS answers, makes me wanna pick up drums
mate you see the nut at the top of your headstock... it is screwed over the strings which locks them in tune. you have to use an allen key to back one of if you want to change your tuning

its the exact reason i never want a floyd. You should go back to the store you got it and get a tutorial ay
if you set the fine tuners low enough, you should be able to go drop d without having to take of the nut block again.

You should get the eddie van halen DTuna!