My Birthday is a month away and I have been playing guitar for about 4 years now, I play a Fender HSS American Stratocaster which I will never get rid of, but I was thinking new guitar or amplifier, my amp is a Fender SuperChamp XD, which is actually a great small practice amplifier for around 300.00, I do love it, obviously the problem is that my amp is a good "Practice" amp but I am looking for a little more than that because I am looking for another band to join. I usually play clean stuff, and some heavy stuff as well, so more bluesy also, I love fender amps, especially over my last Vox30advt and certainly over my Spider3
Im sorry thats another factor too, id say 400 being the most, maybe 450.00 500.00
if you can get a cab, id say the Bugera 1960 head. Its very versatile, which i think is what you are looking for
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