I've been looking for a bass amp and I saw these Acoustic amps. They are fairly inexpensive but I want to know if they're reliable. I'm looking to join a band as a bassist so it would have to be loud enough to compete with a (heavy-handed) drummer. Other suggestions are also welcome, preferably less than 300.
Well, I have a B20 (not enough to compete with drummer) and it's good quality and has a transparent tone but I haven't tried any higher wattage stuff of theirs. I've heard good things - I'd suggest the B200, not sure on price.
You're gonna need at least 150-200 watts to compete with a heavy-handed drummer maybe more.


I'd start there. Acoustic are good amps. reliable and versatile. Some people say they seem louder than amps of equally rated wattage and i agree.
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Some people say they seem louder than amps of equally rated wattage and i agree.

They may very well be. One company's RMS can easily vary from another company's. Construction has a lot to do with it as well. They tend to use larger speakers and cabs than a lot of other companies. The one complaint I have is that, AFAIK, their cabs are made of MDF....but that shouldn't be a problem unless you plan on dropping the thing or pouring water into it.

With a budget like that, though, it's almost always better to buy used gear. You could easily find an old Peavey half stack on ebay for $300.
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I have a B100 and I love it. Great transparent tone that really lets your bass come through. However, there are times when I notice the 15" speaker getting a little muddy, but you can easily solve that with some EQ adjustments.

As for getting loud...It gets LOUD. I play in my church (pretty big church, too) with an acoustic guitarist (we mike him up and run him through the PA), a drummer, a piano, and like 5 singers. I can just play directly through my B100 and it gets plently loud.

One thing that I don't like about the B100 is that it doesn't have an XLR line out (I think the B200 does), it only has an effects loop and an output that lets you just run the amp as a head and you can use a different cab. So if you want to plug into a PA, you'd have to get a DI box, which is only like $20-30 USD.

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