So, I was just browsing a some portugueses random forum, when I stumbled upon a thread that was called "The best videoclip from 00 decade"... lots of YouTube videos posted... when I saw Limp Bizkit - Boiler. I almost choked fearing that it was a video that I really liked when I was younger (11 at the time)....

It is that video, it's a 2000 video, which hits pretty right with my hotmail account (first time I used Boiller as a nickname) creating time-frame... I'm guessing Boiler was already taken...

The thing is... I did like that music at the time....

Now I hate it, but still think the videoclip is funky, weird, and funny in a sense..

I'm confused and somewhat ashamed that I let something like this slip past from my 11 year old age till now... people always found my nickname strange and I never knew where it came from.

I need psychological conforting and help Should the nickname Boiller disappear from the face of the earth?! (or teh interwebz atleast)
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