So I was hoping to get my first tube amp.
I have $620 and was hoping to get an american-voiced fender clean sound. Looking around I finally found the Traynor ycv series. Now I'v heard alot about tubes but don't know anything specific. Mainly things like how the 616s are a little of the basis of the fender clean sound. I was wondering if I get the Traynor YCV50Blue can I switch out the el84's for 6l6's if I don't like them or would I be better off going with Traynor ycv40wr which already has in its specs that it has 616s. I'm going to bring the amp to a tech the minute I get it to get it rebiased with new tubes but basically the question is

can I get the 50w version and get it biased for the 616s (cause I like the look of the blue and the extra watts doesnt hurt) or just go with the 40w?

Please help a guy get his first tube amp.