Hey guys i uploaded alot of music and with lyrics listen to it and tell me what you guess Crit 4 crit the more songs u listen and crit me the more songs ill crit too hope you guys like them!

-Sik Mind
One Love
haha though, the vocals on the intro one so remind me of that Gorilliaz song (goes "windmill windmill for the ride" or something) :P
i listend to thinking of you. cool song. it was very original. the vocals awere kind of foggy/hard to hear. i think if they were more clear and up front it would sound better, as i have to realy listen to hear them. kind of a scary song. like demon worshiping or something lol. but i like it. ive got some friends that would love it. i like the vibe this gives off, but i think it needs a riase/chorus. something to let loose with the energy of it. nice job man. i think this needs a little work, but its getting there.

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