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Do you prefer to use a laptop or a desktop computer? Laying down on a couch or sitting at a desk and chair?

I'm a laptop kind of person?
I like a mouse and side numbers
so im a desktop guy
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I love portability.
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Well I like it best when she's on my lap and her back is -

Wait... This is about computers now?
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I like a mouse and side numbers
so im a desktop guy

I use a laptop with a full keyboard/side numbers (17" screen) and a wireless mouse so... I have the best of both worlds xD
Desktop. Upgradeable, comfortable, and cheaper.

if i had a laptop i'm sure i'd prefer that, but sadly i'm sitting at a desk in a chair as opposed to lying comfortably in my bed
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It's okay because whatever, forever
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Well I like it best when she's on my lap and her back is -

Wait... This is about computers now?

i was just about to say this!!!!!!!! bahahahahaha

Portable > Powerful
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Currently laying in bed...so I'd go with a laptop
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I'm kinda in the middle. I like laptops for being portable, but I hate trackpads, having a numpad is handy, i prefer to be sitting (can't find a comfortable way to type unless at a desk and chair), and you'll never beat a desktop for gaming.

My current setup is a laptop, on a desk which I'm sitting at, a full-sized mouse attached (I also can't stand tiny laptop mice), and which happens to be powerful enough to run some relatively recent games at fairly good settings.
Laptops. Portability FTW.
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For gaming/editing I prefer to have a powerful desktop to work on.
For emails, watching videos, documents, internet I prefer to use a laptop I can carry around easily.
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add me

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I like gaming on a desktop, and laptops for their portability. They're both computers, and they both have their advantages.