My friend is looking to by a new bass amp 50 to 200 he wants. He plays alot of metal like slipknot and enslaved and all that kinda stuff. He said he range is around 500 for a half stack or combo. And I don't know alot about bass stuff so I need your help.

This is the one he is looking at.
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bass amps in the 50 to 200 watt range and basically good for small band practices and not much else, what's he looking to use it in (a band environment, home practice?)
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Tell him to take a look at this amp.
Peavey TNT 115
I have the previous version of this amp and it sounds great and has never failed me. This thing gets loud.
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If you want to wait two months for the TNT, I think it'll be excellent.

The Kustom is also a very good amp, and seems much louder than 200W. I've done jazz gigs with my 16 w 110 :P
$500 is not a stellar price range to be in, but maybe look into upgradable rigs (i.e. half stacks) that provide quite a bit of wattage. Look into Ashdown and Hartke, two very different amps, but in similar price ranges with similar wattages. Also look into Carvin, if he's willing to spend a little bit more; you probably won't find anything great for $500, but for a little bit more (in the $700 range) you could find something worth several times more than an Ashdown or Hartke. Also look into Acoustic. Not great amps, but fairly cheap and similar to Ashdown. The other thing I recommend is get a 115 not a 210 to start you stack off with, especially with the type of music it's needed for.