Hey everyone I;m just wondering, for my first bass should I get a 4 string so I can learn the basics and such, or should I get a 5 string for the tonal choices, or does it really not matter and it's just which I prefer?
The 5 string would give you different pitch options, not necessarily tone. Try both, see which is better for what you'll play, etc.
If you're indifferent to bass, get a 5 string. The increased range of notes in one hand position is apprantly very good. And when you're into learning theory, extending scales below the root comes in handy aswell.

Although, comfort should be a priority
i believe in the 4 string bass... i tend to think the 5 string is an unneeded luxury... but in the end it depends on what u are playing :-)
I like 5/6 stringers..

But seriously, we just had other topic on this yesturday...-.-''
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Quote by C0_0kie
I like 5/6 stringers..

But seriously, we just had other topic on this yesterday...-.-''

Aside from the fiver being slightly more, you might as well get it. At this stage, it can only be helpful.

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i'd honestly say 5er. i only play four stringers at this stage, but i'm jonesin' for a 5er.

five strings are just more efficient i think. you have a lot more options as far as position playing goes. you could play an entire song in fifth position that may otherwise be all over the fretboard.