ok so i uploaded alot of music but everything is really different ok if u are going to something really heavy listen to: Circled Spirals,Destruction,Open Up,Animation of a new creation,Force this, above the god.

if you want something more chilled back but still a lil heavy listen to: Other Communication, take me out, Today(is a new Instrumental soon with vocals) IN my head, intro (hell in my head) thinking of you.

if your going for a soft acoustic song listen to: take it back, only one, the storm Feat. Rene pena, hope to god, all day trip, like the rest of us, the nurse (apc Drunken Cover) celestial Salvation (i recomend this one i love it)

if your looking to laugh at some crazy stuff listen to: F-up Dream(rap), Musica Cojelona (reggetton), alone, force this is kinda funny too so C4C

i have something for almost every taste if u like the way i sing,play,or whatever and would like to do a collaboration im willing to do so... i would like to know how my music makes u feel when u listen to it... the lyrics are available so just in case the quality isnt good or u just wanna get a better understanding of what the song is about... so if u give me a full well put crit i will do the same so i hope you enjoy my music i enjoy listen to people here too it inspires me alot... so thanks and again i hope you enoy a glimpse inside my mind


-Sik Mind
One Love