Is there a way I could put tabs to a song into a video?
I want to show the tabs from TuxGuitar but have the actual song playing.
I can think of some ways, but I don't know any kind of software to do it.
What??? Powertab + Camstudio?
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CamStudio lets you record whats on your computer monitor. It may be useful. You could copy the tabs into Notepad or something and scroll down as the song advances.
I want a video of the tab going, like it would in PT/GP/TG,
but have the mp3 playing.

I'll look at camstudio and see if that helps.
dude... without a doubt.. adobe after effects.. you can even make the number on the tab appear as you play.. just a little messing around with that, and a basic knowledge of photoshop, and you should be on your way bro.

edit: sorry misunderstood your question. i dont know if after effects will help. i thot you wanted to make instructional videos or something and have a tab running across the screen...
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