I know this may sound like a noob question (i normally play bass), but is it possible to palm mute on a stratocaster? I just go my first guitar today and when i went to do some palm muting the volume knob always got in the way and my hand kept turning it down whenever i strummed. Am i doing anything wrong? Can i do something to stop this? Is it just impossible to do?!?!?! Any help is appreciated, thanks.
If it's a guitar, you can play it like a guitar. Palm muting is a guitar playing technique, so yes it's possible. You're new, don't expect to be able to do much this early on.
You can palm mute on any guitar. Except maybe with a wraparound bridge, but then again, I've never played a guitar with a wraparound.
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you sure can, you just got to learn to get your fingers used to being angled to where they won't touch the knob.

What I do is bend my ring and pinky fingers in when I pick and press the side of my hand into the strings so that it doesn't go anywhere near the knob
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You've just figured out the reason I never play a strat, congrats. It is indeed very hard to palm mute, because as you said, the volume knob is in the way. The only way I was able to get around it was to put my pinky on the other side of it, which is uncomfortable, but it works. If you're going to be doing mostly palm muting, I'd recommend getting a guitar with a fixed bridge.

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You can palm mute on any guitar. Except maybe with a wraparound bridge, but then again, I've never played a guitar with a wraparound.

I play alooooooot of metal, with mainly palm muting, and I find that wraparounds are the most comfortable bridge to palm mute on.
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the volume knob shouldnt be in the way, so you must be doing something wrong...

the meaty-part of your hand, below the pinky and next to the ball of your palm should always be resting lightly against the strings, so theres no way the knob should be moving at all. just rest the side of your hand with your pinky on it against the strings even as you pick Then to strum, pivot your hand and wrist, dont move your arm
I think its easy to pm strats. But that is the only guitar I have. Besides a Taylor, but I never pm her
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My strats easy to palm mute, i'm not sure how you'd have an issue with the vol at all

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DudE it's very possible. I play strats. I like to rest my palm right next to the bridge like almost on top of that ****. Mess around with it and see what works for you. I'm not you so I can't really specify. If your hittin the volume when your strumming or what not move your hand up closer to the bridge pick up or even the middle