Hey, I am currently working in a project called Gate XIII, It was origonally aimed to be a collaboration with local artists but I wasnt satisified with who I could get so now Im looking online for people who could record their parts to fill the parts.

The band is in the style of Symphony X and Adagio which summed up is progressive metal Power metal and neoclassical influence.

I am looking for a singer who sings clean who can manage the mid ranges and high ranges with a bit of an edge and who could perferibly help with the melody/lyrics writing (although I do have lyrics written for the songs already but if there are better lyrics written I would gladly use them)

The songs are mainly heavy and fast but there are some orchestrated ballads too.

http://www.mymusicstream.com/gatexiii some of the songs are up there in demo form some of which have demo vocals done to give an idea of the style. Toxic, New day for the Dark, and Forever You and Me are currently the priority songs.

If anyone is interested reply or send me a PM and I look forward to seeing what we can do
ah i wish i could be in one of your songs..... but i cant for a while.
you'll find people though... sounds good.
Haha thanks for the compliment.

As an update I have the bass player I am looking for now, so its just a singer if anybody is interested