I have a Blue Schecter Omen-7. It looks like this:


Mine has some chips in it. The paint is kind of cheesy looking. The pickups on it are meh, but it plays REALLY well, the action is perfect, no buzzing. The low B string seems kind out of tune at times...maybe need to adjust intonation.

I paid 200 bucks for this guitar used. I was wondering if it would be worth it to get it modded somewhere. Sand it down completely, replace all the electronics and put in some Dimarzio pickups. Repair all the cracks, and paint it dark green.

I'm willing to put maybe $600 into this project. I know I could just go get a C-7 Hellraiser and it would be a great guitar, but if I can make something that is unique and plays better than that, it would be great, even if it costs me. Does anyone think this is a good idea? Where can I go to get this done in the Chicago area?
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not sure about pricing for that could be pretty expensive, but Third Coast Guitars is a good option. I have heard good things about them and they did an excellent job when I had to have the action lowered on my Taylor Acoustic.
(Also if you can make it your own then go for it.)
If you want to check them out (because they may have a guitar center branch closer to you): http://www.thirdcoastguitar.com/
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this is gb&c. do it yourself paint refinish for the body work. go to EG for a setup on that 7th string. for pickups. i should be getting a custom set from nuthinbuttrubl8 i'll let you know how they turn out if you'd like.
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for pickups. i should be getting a custom set from nuthinbuttrubl8 i'll let you know how they turn out if you'd like.

7 string pickups?

cos a 6 string pickup ofc sounds differant, 7's need more bass.

but yeah go for it, if it feels good, but just doesnt sound right, put some pickups in there, hopefully you will have a nice guitar

and a re-paint would be awesome, if you dont like the colour (me neither...)
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IMO if you find a gtr that plays the way you want it... and has decent wood/potential... I'd mod it. I say DIY! It isn't that hard to wire one up, isn't that hard to finish one. No way in heck I'd spend $600 on it cause if you ultimately decide you don't like it - you taint ever gonna get more than maybe $300 for it.

Hopefully you have another to play while you modify... just take it all apart, put zip strip on and sand the ****zen out of it. then stain, then stain some more, then clear primer, then clear coat, and if you have trbl w the electronics you can probably pay someone $60 to wire it. spend $200 on pickups and another $50 on pots/switches/jacks.