I have a Mesa/Boogie f-30 and I am completely addicted to the gain channel and I would really like to be less addicted because I hate carrying it to all gigs.

I have played some gigs in other countries as well where taking my Mesa is not an option and my band has some abroad gigs coming up so I would really appreciate some advice from another perspective.

I know I will not be able to get the exact same sound out of a stomp box but I was wondering if you know any that can come close to it?

I have never found a stomp box that has satisfied me but I have tried a lot and have a few.

I currently have
MXR double distortion
Boss OD-2
Big Muff USA (circuit bent it )
ProCo Rat2

Thank you!
Quote by NY_FootBall49
i got a mesa boogie dual recto i love it 2 but why can't you bring it overseas if its b/c size idk ru looking for a small/smaller amp.

The overweight fees on airports are a killer + it's really heavy although it's not that big.

I also play A LOT of gigs in my home country and I am getting pretty tired of this burden for every single gig!

Budged is not an issue!
If you love the head so much, I guess it's just going to be an annoyance to you. I think it's worth it having a good gain channel even if you have to lug the thing around.
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