Is it true their gonna make a Gears of War movie??? That is for real one of my favorite games if not my favorite (resident evil is pretty badass idk if anything can touch that but GOW comes close). It would be a totally badass movie as long as Hollywood doesn't **** it up like it did to the Doom movie....great game, horrible movie. What do y'all think?
quite old rumor eh? i believe it is coming out though, i have nothing to back that up though... has potential
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It would be an awesome movie but when will movie makers realize that a good game doesn't make a good movie. We've got Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, The Super Mario Bros. Granted a lot of these games don't have back story which is probably why they suck so bad. Gears has a lot of potential but given what's come before it I"m not holding my breath on this one.
there better be,
you couldnt have a more perfect plot line to make an epic trilogy out of.
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There's this: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0990406/ But thats not exactly proof. Hopefully this doesnt go the way of the Metroid movie, where it gets picked up by an awesome director (John Woo in that case), have lots of publicity, then get dropped. The games play like movies, and alot of the big monsters, like Corpsers and Brumaks, would be amazing to see on the big screen.
What would be the point of having a movie honestly? What, with all the surround sound and the 600' TVs out there nowadays, would there be anything different about the movie?
What is this i don't even. How can they even think to make this before a Halo film?
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