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Ok so Im new this is my first time on this forum, I wish I knew about it sooner, anyways I love Alter Bridge and the song Find The Real. Im trying to learn the real version of this on electric right now but Im new. Anyways this girl on youtube does an awesome cover and Id love to know how shes playing the song, even just the main riff and chrous, if someone could tell me that would be fantastic! She plays by ear and the video is dark so I can tell really what chords to play but Im sure some experienced guitarist on here can help me out so please do! Ill post the link to it, hopefully it works, otherwise search Alter Bridge - Find The Real (Cover by Ladylaiho)

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Ok oops sorry my bad, when Creed broke up, the one guy started a new group called Alter Bridge, I used to have it on my itunes as Creed - Find The Real for the longest time, so I always forget not to call it that...my bad but nevertheless great song
IMO just buy the tab book and learn more than just Find the Real.
anyway its in drop D (down 1/2 step) tuning just to give u a bit of help

seriously though, buy the tab book its worth it, also check out their newest album and the tab book with that.