Anyone ever collect these way back when? This may be old, but I was at target today and saw they are making them again. I think I lost my old ones though, RIP Eggy. They're 2 bucks a pack also, but I can't find any coffins or anything to keep em in, oh well.
I remember those, I had a couple, I don't know where they are now.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
OMG I used to love those things!!! I had a whole bunch.
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Man i Love crazybones i still have all mines and still collecting whenever i find more !
I still have my giant bag full of them.

I remember when I got Menace and Speedy, two of the rarer CrazyBones...

I was so happy.
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Those were the ****!

I remember collecting them.
Blindfolds aside I'd probably still close my eyes

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your sarcasam amuses me

Thanks for reminding me of the name!
Yeah, I had a few, there were too many to really know which ones were good.
Isn't that why they were colour coded?
I remember one called Hulk, that's about it. Ahh good times.
**** yeah mother****er.

I used to buy the casket packs for $1.50 and it came with 8 or so crazy bones. Then I would sell them at school for $0.50 - $0.75 each and the casket was $1.00. Then I expanded my business to selling snickers and milky way bars. In the end, i made over $50 :] i was a silly kid at the time, 4th grade i think
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I had a ton of those, but mostly from Burger King kids meals when they were the toy prize one halloween.
Whole thread not one picture?

Goodness gracious me!
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I remember stealing them from other people

scum of the playground
Goodness gracious me!
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scum of the playground

yeah, I was living the thug life, people feared that I would take there eggman
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