OK so I was never really wild about multi effects I always wanted regular pedals however I moved to TX living on a 3rd floor Apt and playing for my church about every other week and I'm completly sick of setting up and lugging around my pedal everytime to play or practice.

So I think I'm gonna get a multi effect pedal also because I do not have all the effects I want and rather than sink 200 dollars into more single pedals I figured I'd get one and be done.

So what is one of the best pedals for the money? I have a friend that swears by his Boss GT=8 and I found one used for 250 but I've never been to wild about buying used but I am also somewhat on a budget so I i need to so be it.

So any thoughts on what to get?
Boss don't break, for the most part. Don't worry about buying it used. Built like a tank.
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buy it now

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The GT-8 is a decent unit and $200 is a fair price. I didn't like the distortion or the wah on the GT-8... The GNX4 is a great unit if you want an onboard 8 track recorder, looper, MP3 BT player, and drum machine.

One drawback of the GT-8 is that you need to use MIDI to configure it from a computer. And the software is pretty crude. I'd rather have an XT Live unless you plan to use the 4CM for hookup.