Bad news first - I'd reccomend that you kill the chorus on the intro. It sounds slightly annoying after a while. Also, I guess you already know about the timing. Also, and I really hate to say this, "Appealing/Appaling" is actually a good way to describe this song. The first half is good, but at 2:55 it instantly becomes pretty grating. It doesn't sound like the lead guitar is playing in any recognizable key or scale for a little while.

Now for the good news - The song definitely has potential. If it's meant as an instrumental, then it may be a good idea to drop the reversed section entirely. It might also be a good idea to redo the solo from 3:19 to about 3:40. Fix that, and you'd probably have something pretty good.

All in all, despite what I said above, I didn't mind this song. I think if you reconsidered a few of the more experimental choices with your writing, fixed the timing, and changed the knobs on the chorus pedal (More depth, less freq) you'd end up with a pretty nice album closer.