It doesn't sound to layered to me.

Sounds like it has alot of potential.
Cant wait to hear it finished.
Nice. If you develop this, it could be a really great song. My rule of thumb for layers is to try not to go over what can be done by a 5 piece band (2 guitars maximum, 1 lead vocal, 1 keyboard maximum, 1 bass, 1 drum). It's really helped clean up some of my more congested work. Another tip is that if you feel there's too much going on, rework some of the layers as a change to the basic melody line. That keeps your song from feeling stale and adds a nice touch if you choose to re-layer with the original melody later in the song.
http://www.dnbshare.com/Damages.mp3.html is a perfect example of how NOT to do it. It's also an example of me learning the hard way that writing electronic music isn't really my thing.

c4c https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1195253
Yea, the problem is, I cant sing, and I dont have a bass. I have tried doing bass stuff on the guitar with a bassy tone, but its not the same. Thus I end up throwing many guitar layers to make the song sound "full".