ok long story short, fell on my shoulder a few months back and screwed it up, finally got the surgery scheduled in October, basically being told, if all goes well 2-3 month till 90% normal use (what i was doing before i hurt it), if not so well we talking 4-6 months till 90% use, they gonna be chopping tendons, scar removal, tendon rezoning stuff like that in my right shoulder. has anyone had this type of stuff done, and am i really gonna be out of commission for that long, in regards to guitar playin?
which shoulder is it? if it's the right shoulder and you are right handed you could try playing like this:

granted it will still cause some shoulder stress but you can prob play closer to your final recovery date. unless you have to wear a sling or something for the entire duration of your recovery. if so then you're ****ed.

also, tendons connect your muscle to bone and when they chop it up etc it will hurt like hell. you will be drugged for a good chunk of the beginning of your recovery. and fastest recovery times means best recover conditions which is unlikely cause you are bound to do something that isn't in favor of your shoulder healing and prolonging your recovery time. so looks like you will probably be out of commission for that 3-5.
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If you want it to heal right, do what they tell you. Otherwise it might not heal to the point where you regain that much range of motion, and that would suck.
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yeah well it is my right shoulder, if option A happenes i will only be in a sling for 1 day then PT started asap, option B 1 full month of NON USE OF THE SHOULDER, then another month of extreme limited movement during PT only, then god knows from there.

mainly wondering if anyone has gone through this and is it as bad as i am assuming, other then the 2 months of non movement, us this gonna be like the "old H.S. Football knee injury that never really heals?

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