Okay so i've heard great things about many pedals ad now i wanna know the best for a genre heres how it'll work put this and fill in


If you don't prefer or don't have one simply put in None or if it's not good for that specific genre then put Not Good for Genre. Simple. have fun.

EDIT: So it's not spam, this is pointless. Everyone has different tastes. There aren't any specific FX that go with genres.
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Stupid thread is stupid. You can use any pedal for any genre.


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Genre: Alternative Rock
Distortion: DS-2
OD: Ibanez Tubescreamer
Fuzz: Fender Blender
Flanger: None
Delay: DD-3
Chorus: None
Reverb: Built In
Tremolo: None
Comp: None
Sustain: None
Supressor: NS-2
Wah: Dunlop Classic Wah
Volume: None
Boost: None
Tuner: None
Octave: None
EQ: None
Well, I'll comment on what I have and what I like. I don't use a lot of effects so this is pretty easy.

Genre: Metal (don't be an Elitest and ask me to be specific. Metal is Metal)
OD: All round- BBE Green Screamer, but for heavy metal (For me at least) the MXR Zack Wylde OD
Wah: Dunlop Zack Wylde Wah
Tuner: Boss NS-2
EQ: MXR 10-band

No I'm not that much of a Zack Wylde fan, just like the pedals
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Quote by mmolteratx

EDIT: So it's not spam, this is pointless. Everyone has different tastes. There aren't any specific FX that go with genres.

He's just asking for you opinion bro, along with everyone elses.
Though this thread has been done before, I like it
thank you bdof. I'm just getting many diffent peples opinions. You have your opinion on whats best obviously and so do other people im just getting to see what didffrent people like for all diffrent genres.
Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Ambient, etc.
Distortion: Vintage Rat or Marshal Shredmaster
OD: Catalin Dirty Little Secret
Fuzz: MJM Britbender
Flanger: Boss BF-2
Delay: Boss DM-2
Chorus: Vintage Clone Theory
Reverb: Malekko Spring Chicken
Tremolo: Keeley Boss TR-2
Comp: Keeley
Sustain: ...Keeley?
Supressor: iSP, though I have no use for one.
Wah: Vox
Volume: Ernie Ball
Boost: Rangemaster
Tuner: Pitchblack
Octave: POG
EQ: Dano Fish 'n Chips