Yo, I'm looking to buy another guitar, my plan is to buy a Jackson JS30RR, and pimp it out, I'm thinking of putting a dimarzio evo 2 in the bridge, and my question is
1. will this be a good pup for metal (stuff like in flames, black dahlia murder, mastodon, protest the hero) and also post rock/alt/indie stuff (like explosions in the sky, 65daysofstatic, dredg)
2.what would be a good neck pickup, im looking for something that really screams

The amp I use is a B-52 At212, and I run a pod x3 live through it, and im not really interested in emg's as i already have a guitar with 81/85's

don't ever use the words "pimp it out" and "metal" in the same post again
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Quote by Koshman32
don't ever use the words "pimp it out" and "metal" in the same post again


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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.