I was searching for some tabs for Carney when I stumbled upon this thread. I've been a Carney fan for about 6 years... just saw them last week and they have truly progressed into a band that should be around for many many years. They just started a new US tour, small club venues. Go check them out and you will be hooked. Lead singer Reeve and his brother Zane are absolute music gods in my mind. Super cool guys to talk to before/after shows too. They just released a new album. Mr Green Vol. 1.

I believe Testify is their best work... that and Zane's playing on Amelie. Reminds me of Les Paul, but with a tele!

Any ways... cheers !
Never heard of them, but it reminds seems to me like a mix of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Radiohead at the same time. I like it. Think I've just found a new band I like. Testify especially.

Love me Hate Me reminds of the Song "Long Road out of Eden" By the Eagles. a little too.

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