well i have an ibanez GSR200 that i have been trying to get rid of for a while now. craigslist is useless for this. its a jewel blue ibanez in great condition. im trying to trade it for a guitar. and im open to most trades. just let me know.
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Quote by Starkie
4 or 5 strings?

200 is a 4 stringer, 205 is a 5 string.
its a 4 string. im also throwing in a gig bag and a strap. all new is like 300$
the bass was 250 and the gig bag was 45 and the strap was 10.
im asking for a low end guitar nothing to amazing althugh that would be cool.. im hoping to get a licensed floyd rose(hardtail is alright also) with 24 frets and H-H config (H-S-H is also good ^_^).
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