A little while ago I posted a thread about having gone to Mayhem fest August 8th, in Hartford Connecticut, and now I find myself here posting this thread asking a question about one of the bands...

...was anyone else there that could help me with this? Directly after Whitechapel played, the second band came on, and they were over at the jagermeister stage, and i'm having a real hard time finding them/their name. Me and my friend didn't really stay for their whole set, and we weren't that close to the stage or anything for the amount of time that we were there, so I didn't really catch their name. The guy said what it was but...I cant remember it. Anyone out there have ANY idea what im talking about? I could swore "star" was in their name somewhere...
Uhh Im trying to remember who all were there.
The Black Dahlia Murder? Job For A Cowboy? Mushroom Head?
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I actually missed Black Dahlia and Job....I was quite mad about that, but it was worth it, cause I was getting picture with Whitechapel and Godforbid at the time...and Mushroomhead wasnt at my date, unfortunately. The guys im talking about were only the second band to play, directly after Whitechapel.