schecter c1 classic, or gibby faded sg model. i dont care which one is better or which one cost the most/least, but if it was your guitar which one would you rather have and why. i play mostly rhythm guitar, and 80`s british hard rock/metal. old def-leppard to iron maiden and judas priest. im sure both axes can do the job. but i just want to here other peoples opinions. please lets not have a brand war or hate fest here.
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Definitely the Schecter.
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I liked the SG when I played it, but I believe that it is overpriced, at least in Canada. In the USA its way cheaper though.

However I'd probably go with the C1
When I played an SG, I couldn't stand it. The neck felt very, very long and the body felt too small, or something like that. Just not very comfortable.

I'm currently playing a Schecter C-1+ (basically a classic without the nice neck inlay or the upgraded pups) and it's amazing. One of the most comfortable guitars I've ever played, some people complain about the neck being too thick but I think it's more comfortable than a skinnier neck.

Play both, then decide.
SG all the way.

The sound of Schecters can't compare out of the box, and Gibsons are tanks.
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Schecter definitely... I hate the look and feel of SG's, they slip out of my lap when i play they are so small.
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I saw a Gibson SG faded at Guitar Center new for 600. That is a very good deal. There were some used Schecter C1s there for around 400. I wish I could help you. At those prices, get them both.
schecters rule, my schecters blow everythign else i own out of the water!
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I'm extremely biased in this topic.

To be honest, a Gibson Faded series can be hit and miss. Get the Classic, love it to death.
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I would choose the C-1 Classic cuz I'm Schecter guy. Also, the SG faded is a low-end Gibson, and if I was to buy a Gibson, it would be like a Standard Series at least. Just me...

The C-1 Classic is also very versatile because of the JB in the bridge.

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I am a die hard fan of gibsons, ill stand by them until the ceo runs them so deep in the ground they cant get out, but i must say, go for the Schecter. I think it will out perform the faded series. BUT, i do love the faded series necks. Just saying.
Schecter by a mile. I freakn love everything about the C1 classic; neck size, body shape, overall feel and sound, plus you get coil taps, which rock. If I had known about them when shopping for my Jackson I definitely would have one sitting next to me now instead (love my Jackson, but still, that's the truth).
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The Classic's all cool except for the tone knob, in my experience. Whereas, the SG was a nightmare. God awful, I hated the feel, and I just wasn't a fan of the looks, among other reasons.

Get the Schecter, methinks.
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Go with the schecter. The faded series guitars have issues. I had a V and my friend has an SG. We have both had seious issues with electronics and hardware, mostly the tuners. I have two schecters, a Damien 6 and a C-7 Hellraiser. You just cant go wrong with Schecter. Especially their mid to high end guitars.
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Most of the faded series are sub-par. I'd take a classic over a new Gibson for the same price any day.

Really? I hadn't heard anything like that. All I know is my buddy has an SG, and I really like it.

Never had the cash to actually -own- one, let alone try them out at GC.
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I have the classic and i have played the sg before. They are both very nice, but i enjoy the schecter a lot more, its more versatile and has the ability to do most genres. I don't feel the sg is as versatile.
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