Hey guys, I apologize if this is a redundent question, but I am in search of a good neck pickup for my guitar. Now under normal circumstances I would just search the forum for similar threads...however, as many of you might agree, the build of the guitar has everything to do with the sound you get, hence, my creating a thread with my question.
My problem is not so much my lack of knowledge of pickups, but with so many out there, what would work best for the two guitars I will be using. I am in search of an incredibly smooth, clean neck pickup (two actually, but for two very different guitars). The clean I am looking for is very articulate yet more on the warm (bass, mid) side.
Here is the gear I am using in hopes of getting a better response from you all.

Guitars: Gibson Explorer
Build: Set neck; mahogany body and neck (no others species for the top)
stop bridge and tailpiece with a rosewood fretboard.
Schecter C1-Exotic
Build: neck-through; mahogany body and neck; carved flame maple top, ebony
fretboard, tone pros stop bridge; string through body.
p.s. both guitars are in drop C (explorer 10 gauge, schecter 11 gauge)

Amplifier: Rivera K-Tre 120w tube head on a Marshall 1960av cab (loaded celestion 30's)

Now, knowing all of the gear, I am qurious as to what all of you think would be the best neck pickup for warm, yet articulate clean tones. I already use duncan invaders for the bridge on both...and they sound great...my gain is covered, I'm just stuck on what to by for the softer side.

p.s. Thank you in advance for any help.
A nice smooth warm neck pup....

Dimarzio Breed
Dimarzio Air Norton
Dimarzio Humbucker From Hell (well its actually a bright neck pup, but very articulate)
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Dimarzio tone zone has a very warm sound
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fillmore set. nice and warm.
The Fillmore set would sound sweet in an Explorer.
DiMarzio Evolution
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I reckon the Humbucker From Hell will suit you. Don't go near the Tone Zone, it's not really a neck pickup, it's crap clean and although it's bassy it's not "warm"...it's got quite a hard edged sound, likewise the Evolution.
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